What are the odds when summoning heroes?

I’m not saying whe should get epic and legendary heroes all the times, but the odds are too often against you. Spending money to get 95% of the time what you can get (rarely, but got a few 3* from basic summon) without spending money is not fair. Not saying that paying should get you advantages, just mean that, when you use your 300 gems (free or paid for) to give it a try, chances should be a little (just a little, I assume its a long term game) higher. There must be a better middle point between fair to other players and worth spending money, wich, so far, there isn’t.


I’m not being tongue-in-cheek, but “why”? Why should the odds be better than they are? (I’d like them to be, make no mistake, but you haven’t made your case for it, only stated that you wished it would be…)


Are you asking what the odds are, or telling us the odds should be better?

**strong text**The odds should be better because we are paying customers. We are playing a pay to win game, not a pay to lose game. It’s total bs when you spend money on something and consistently get the bare minimum promised product, it’s borderling theft of services. If you’re game was regulated like the rest of the electronic gambling world you would be shut down or fined for theft of service or fraud.


We are not playing a pay to win game. Thank god and devs for that.

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@EvilSmoothie Really?

Yeah, really. Money gets you heroes, maybe speed ups things somewhat. We all have to get ascension items basically without money.
Also there is F2P/low paying players on the leaderboard. You can achieve pretty much everything without money, and paying players do not have unfair advantages. To me, that is not a P2W-game. If your definition differs do tell :slight_smile:

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We might not be able to directly buy ascension items on command but there are regularly ascension packs that can be bought with the items in them. Figure in the ability to buy refills of energies and an endless supply of useless heroes to upgrade and it’s about as close to pay to win as you get. A free player is in no way equal to a pay player.


Ascencion packsare not really relevant, as they give proper mats too rarely for anyone to buy them.
True about energy refills, although they do not really help either because chests have skip limits, limits that can be achievet by F2P-players also.
Like I said, money gives speed. But given enough time F2P player can compete with paying users.

@EvilSmoothie Oh, no…I agree…You can pay to get certain items & heroes (chances) at getting certain heroes. But in the end, you still have to wait on ascension items to lvl up those heroes.

Eventually good things come to those who are patient. :grin:

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LOL nice joke :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:

You can get literally in the game with gems

Most if not all of the top players have spent a ton on this game and I know a couple of F2P players in my alliance who are rank 40+ and still have a 4 star team. There is also a level 30 who already has 3 5*s on last ascension

At the end of the day a paying player who played the same time as a non paying player will always be better

And that is Pay2Win


There are also constant offers popping up 10 times a day reminding you that you can save 400% if you buy them and they DO have guaranteed items so again a paying player will have enough faster

Also define “given enough time”

3,4,5 months? In that time a paying player will have progressed aswell

No one makes these free phone games so that people can have fun and compete without paying

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Of course the smart designers want non-paying people to be able to compete, if not as easily as people who pay. The more they stick around, the more chances there are to try and tempt them into paying money.
Making the game outright pay to win would alienate all the FTP people, along with the ones who pay just a little every now and then if a really juicy offer turns up.

I’d say something like a year. After that both the paying user and f2p-user have achievet the ceiling, and are on equal footing.
To me P2W win means money gives advantages that are not achiavable without money. Something like “pay 10€ so your heroes deal 50% more damage”, that pay to win. But “pay 10€ tp get to the end game 3 months faster” is not pay to win, that’s pay to accelerate.

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HOTM’s ?

Event heroes?

With earning 15 gems a day a free to play player will never have enough to get all, and especially that most of the best heroes in the game fall in that category

That is an advantage

Also what “the top”? To me it sounds like having every character in the game maxxed, and that’s not doable… atleast not in a year

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The game is about making money lol. When talking odds of getting hero of the month or good hero’s is by doing the 10X summon option that improves your odds from 1 to 10. Hope this helps

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You get the exact same odds doing 10 pulls of 1, as 1 pull of 10.

The difference ia you save some gems on the 10x pull.

You have 9 times more of a chance by doing the 10x rather than just doing 1. I’ve done the 10x 2 times and in that 2 separate times I got
2- little john 4*
2-Colen 4*
Sonya 4*
Boril 4*
Alzar 5*
Aeron 5* hero of the month
Delilah 5* hero of the month
And some other 3*

Before I did the 10x I only had 1 4* and that was Rigard from a gold token. The rest gold tokens only gave me 3* If you only do it once the chances of getting a 4 or a 5 aren’t high.
I’m not saying you are guaranteed any of those. but it’s a way better chance. It’s all about the gems the game has to make money.

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I repeat.

Doing one 10x pull is the exact same thing as doing ten 1x pulls.

You only save gems doing the 10x pull.

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I think you had some incredibly lucky pulls!!