What are the odds of getting Alberich?

I came across a player in Raids who had 5 Alberichs. What are the odds for getting one much less 5 of him?

I did 30 summons and never got him

Throw enough cash at the game and you can have whatever you want :slight_smile:


I spent at least $150 (probably more) and didn’t get alberich. I spent more last month trying to get Mus. As a matter of fact, the only hero of the month I have gotten was Ares. I was new then.

Needless to say, I will not spend any more money on this game.

Luck is random in this game. I got him on a single pull the first day. When Athena was hero of the month I spend on several 10x pulls but didn’t get her.
So don’t give up, it’s not all about spending.

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At least 5, none of those are levelled at all…

I know of a guy who spent over $600 to finally get one Alberich. To get 5 Alberich?..yeah.

a) they spend a lot of money
b) they know of some secret hack (gems or otherwise)
c) all the bad luck we all have manifested into this persons luck

Can you imagine your ‘trophy tanking team’ to be 5 of those. I bet it could be annoying if they keep reviving themselves LMAO.


Apparently I don’t spend enough. Not a single HOTM yet. Waaaah! :grin:

Wow@ my first 5* was an alberich and this hero has brought heros back to life to win the game

I guess Alberich’s special can resurrect dead message threads, too.

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