What are the next steps for people stuck with iOS 9 ipads


As this game no longer runs on my little boy’s iOS 9 ipad (yes, he was distraught, adter playing for almost
3 years), I’m wondering what options are available to him to retain his account progress for when we can eventually get a new ipad for him.

He has a Gamecenter account, but I found he was not signed in when the update came along that killed the game for him (Not even sure when he was last signed in). I can sign him on to game center now, but since the game no longer progresses beyond the ‘An update is now available’ screen, I don’t know if his progress is now being saved regardless, or if the program cuts off before syncing to game center.

It would be great to know whether 1) the app still syncs despite being stuck on the ‘update now’ screen, and 2) when we eventually get a replacement device, if all we need to do is sign into his game center account, install the app, and all will be restored.

If you can confirm this, that would be really great, and a relief for my little boy.

Thank you!

If you cannot recover the account by connecting your new device to GameCenter, please start a new account and #contact-support using the in-game support button (Settings → Support → Support). We’ll then manually recover the account. :slight_smile:


Sorry if I use this post for my question. I have a few questions. An alli member can no longer get into the game with his account on io9. But he has another account on android device. Can he change his gamecenter account to a googleplay account.

Many greetings

I think maybe he should have read the release notes and migrated before V34 was disabled. They did give more than a weeks notice and followed up with an inbox message and iOS 9? That must be at least 8 years old.

You could maybe appeal to Petri’s generous nature. I doubt support will do anything. Try tagging him.

Good luck

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