What are the most overpowered Heroes?

I just raided against a team with this beast, he was sat in the right wing, I should have killed him first definitely not leave him till last. Wooooo insane!


Ok, but I think this will end our discussion :slightly_smiling_face:

I know he isn’t GM hero that you will win 100%. He may die that is why I think there should be 2 of him in attack team.

In modern day raid and war, 5* heroes are very powerful. Even you also use 5* at same level to attack, it you can’t get 9 tile. You will lose. The skill hit very hard. Even 5* barely survive x3 skill. (Imagine your team are hit by Morel → Octros → Killhare costume all at 85+20, even your 5* 85+20 barely survive that.).

The also happen to my Kalø team. Kalø can lose but Kalø is 4*. I need only 2 of him and some more heroes to match top class 5* team offense power.

Nothing much to say, he is the most overpowered hero I ever seen :slightly_smiling_face:

He is what C.Justice and G.Owl wish they were


In fact, he has best synergy with them. Since C.Justice and G.Owl alone are not much. So, anyone who have them sit at 1/1 and pull Kalø mean you have nuclear weapon :rofl:

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Lol so true (20 chars)

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Does Kalo copy the skill level of the dead hero or is it his level?

Oh, I didn’t think about that before. I don’t know. It need someone to test.

Thorne will not make this list. But he does have the innate ability of immunity to nerphing.

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Definitely copy their skill level, I can’t state that as a fact but I’m sure it is

Could you post the picture in Kalø - 4* Nature / Green from Sanctuary of Gargoyles ?

Try Kalø + hero with buff or ailment at 1/1 (E.g. Kiril, Scarlett) You can check skill level from that buff or ailment.

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