What are the most overpowered Heroes?

Normally she isn’t that bad fighting against her…but in that very fast 5* tourney (I.e. this one about to start), she is basically impossible to kill once her minions are up. She essentially prevent the opponent from firing their specials for the rest of the match. Game over.

RNGsus hasn’t given me any 5* heroes. I recently reached lvl 29 and have my stronghold at lvl 21, without spending one cent of real money. I have a eight 4*, Kelile, LiXiu, Caedmon, Proteus, Scarlett, Colen, Boril, Gormek.

The first four still need a bunch of feeding to enable talents.

Scarlett just needs one Hidden Blade to final ascension. Colen needs a whole bunch of feeding before he can final ascend, his special is only 5/8. Boril’s been neglected, lvl 19 not ascended at all, and I haven’t fed anyone at all to Gormek, just got him a short time ago.

I have 10 fully ascended lvl 50 3* and one completely maxed out 2*, Sha Ji. The Panda mostly sees use vs lower power teams in wars.

I really gotta put a vote in for Seshat. Op? No of course not. There is no hero like that in E&P at this time. Incredibly strong? Definitely.

Of my entire roster, she stands heads and shoulders above the rest. A sniper, area dispel, mana buff for a purple stack, laughs at mana cut of every type, and able to hide behind a wall of minions, Seshat is a Swiss army knife hero that doesn’t just do everything but does it well (not perfectly mind, just well). She has a reputation as a one woman army, which I personally haven’t witnessed yet, but I’m always impressed by her performance.


Definitelly Ursena and Finley. When Ursena goes off, my Joon and Jackal +20 are from full health almost death. And when Finley fires and I used Aegir’s special he also kills like all of my heros.

Seshat is very hard to kill. I’ll usually reroll if she turns up in a raid, unless she’s still pretty low level or is being used to prop up an otherwise weak party.


Agree on these. Ursena very difficult to overcome if she fires before you kill her. Your yellow stack offense is basically worthless at that point unless you can dispel her yellow reflect. And Finley with an attack buff of his own from another hero can basically wipe out your entire buffed team. The are tops in game now imo for tank and wing/flank.

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Finley, Grave, Guin, Aegir.

I quite like this one. op nah.
Just waiting for more food and she’ll get more emblems :stuck_out_tongue:

Finley without a doubt is the most overpowered hero in this game. It is painfully obvious that SG/Zynga wanted to make the pirates event relevant for whales chasing a hero. It was the worst event for summoning prior to the addition of THE strongest and most ridiculously overpowered hero in the game. Did this hero go through beta?? Nobody said anything then?? He can easily take out 2500-3000 HP off a team that is buffed, AT FAST MANA! And then you’re left with -34% on everyone! LOL! I just saw it happen against me. That’s just ridiculous. That’s BETTER than 3 strong snipers in ONE FAST MANA SPECIAL. How did this hero get released this way? He should be slow or at very most average speed with that power. Or tone down the damage. He did 963 damage against the first hero he hit. That’s crazy! Yeah he can be stopped with Mitsuko (a rare S2 5* hero), but that’s pretty much it. Not many have her. If he fires on you then you are pretty much done for.


He was even stronger when he first came in beta. He debuffed -44% , now it is -34%. He was a very overpowered version of a fast mana Isarnia.
Right now he is “balanced” imo. He is very strong but you can take him down, and counter him with Mistuko or Jean-Francois.

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Finley isn’t OP at all. Sure every now and then a situation comes up where there are buffs on everyone and they are beat down and he smokes them. I use Alaise over him day to day as I know what she will do. I only bring him against Aegir tanks. I will say he is amusing to use but not OP at all.

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So you can counter him with a rare S2 hero and another rare HOTM? Both red heroes who are weak against him. Um, ok. JF isn’t going to prevent that crazy damage against you. But he will flip that defense ailment into a buff after the fact. Comparing him to Isarnia: he does MORE damage at FAST mana than Isarnia at slow mana! That’s not crazy?

Finley almost matches Alasie’s sniper hit JUST on the first hero hit…if he gets to hit everyone it’s like firing with Alasie 3 times at once in one special and he’s FAST mana just like Alasie. Admittedly I don’t have him to have firsthand offensive experience, but I know if he goes off on defense and I have buffs up it is game over.

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I said that when he came out. I have Mitsuko and she works brilliantly on him, but like you say, she is rare. He is broken in my opinion, absolutely agree, and shouldn’t have been released that way. Hit one, defense down all buffed enemies would still be very good at fast mana

But they can’t put the genie back in the bottle now that people have paid to chase him

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She hits 462% on 739, Finley hits 385% on 753…about 500 points in her favor. Also, each hit after that is lower for Finley. Sounds like you are using 4*s against him? He can do some damage but it isn’t close to 3x Alaise.

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Haha, this topic has no sense there are no OP heroes. If you play raids on over 2600+ cups you know that everyone can be killed.

There is still no hero that is unbeaten. It’s bit harder for smaller teams to kill huge emblemed teams but if you are big emblemed roster no hero or team is OP.

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Yeah, but it’s about damage output and mana speed. With most heroes that are that damaging you have some time to work the board some. With a fast mana hero you need some good luck since you have little time to do anything with the board. I’m not sure why we don’t see more Finley tanks to be honest.

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That’s not a big difference for the first hit and he gets upwards of 4 more hits after that! The last hit being about 30% of the initial hit. It basically goes 100, 87.5, 65, 42.5, 30 on the percentages per hit. That’s nasty! That equals about three Alasie hits(!), IN ONE FAST MANA SPECIAL!

It depends what you have to counter fast mana heroes. My taunters are really good counter measure, can tell that my Inari is super useful as well. There is Guineviere here to.

Really I think there are no OP heroes. Finely as a tank? That’s a first. He would be dead in 6 tiles maybe even 5.

Right, but if you have a bad board he WILL fire…but then I suppose you wouldn’t have buffs up. Ok, you’re right: he probably is not a good tank.

Edit: and I don’t have any taunter, Inari, or Guinevere.

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