What are the most frustrating parts of the game for new players?

Just curious. I see a lot of new players get discouraged. Wondering if some would like to share their issues on this thread so they could be addressed in one place and hopefully help you find new enjoyment for the game again. @Rook if there is already a thread like this, feel free to redirect. I cant read every thread or post in the forum lol


Did you just steal my idea from my other thread? :slight_smile:

I am pretty new, a couple months now and am having fun getting started. I think it may be getting the right strategy building your team.

One example comes to mind. Wu in yellow. I have seen him a couple times thus far and really looked past him because of his special. But since being on here and reading I realize in the right places he can be super useful.

I know for myself I only read about most of the heros in books (on here), or play against them. So it is frustrating not having them. But again in time it will all balance out or maybe I am just hoping.

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Absolutely! Lol.

…(20 happy now?)

I almost wish someone from like 7DD or another long term alliance who is notorious for logging great info could archive the timeline of this game in a thread, form the first day of release to the most recent updates. I mean there was a time, as I understand it, that HOTM required their own set of SUPER rare ascension materials. Can you imagine the b*tching that would ensue if that still happened, lol.

I honestly think if newer folks saw all the great changes that have been made, the new features that didn’t exist from the beginning and how frequently the new content is coming (I think its coming real quickly, nice job devs!) I would hope it may change their perspective a bit.

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Wu is awesome, just takes some getting used to. Sucks with specials and missing tiles. But once u figure out a way around that like using specials before or after wu and linking combos of tiles rather than a hit a of 3 at a time, he can massively increase damage. And yes you will get plenty of heros over time, just have to be patient.

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Wu is useful in almost all places, the one place that people seem to have mixed feelings is raid defense.

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True I’ve played through some of the changes, and it’s a big difference from when i started. The events, wars, and the new hotms have all added a lot to the game. Along with other minor in game features that new players wont realize we didnt have at one time lol.

I agree. I use him on everything except raid defense and that’s just because he doesnt give me enough trouble in other’s defenses. I’ve seen him placed in different spots and in a lot of various hero combinations and he still seems ineffective most of the time. But I’m sure others feel different since i still see him on defense teams

I think there comes a point in time when we all realize how much this game bleeds you…Time and money…We all come to that crossroad when we have to decide if it’s worth it to us. It’s all subjective of course. Many people don’t feel like it’s worth it and quit, some of us (I’m relatively new) have a thicker skin and are gluttons for punishment and continue to enjoy the game…So, just figure it out…

I think for me, its the challenge that keeps it fresh. Raids, Wars, etc…


The newbie sticking points are different for F2P and P2W players. (I started an alt to explore the world of F2P, or at least cheap-to-play):

F2P struggle to get good heroes. With only a few Epic Summons a month, those 4* and 5* heroes are scarce. In turn, you find yourself in an alliance that is likely hitting mid-tier titans, meaning you don’t get many ascension mats. But it’s the heroes that are the sticking point.

P2W quickly see that heroes are the problem, so most of their spending goes to summons. Consequently these players end up with lots of 4* and 5* heroes far faster than the game mechanics anticipate, meaning that they are chronically short of ascension materials and (though less frustrating) hams.

Perhaps the biggest “gotcha” is that few people expect that a match-3 mobile game is going to require the patience needed to succeed in this game. Progress is measured in months, not days or even weeks. As one wit put it, the game should be named Empires & Patience.


I started a 100% F2P alt account but after day 4 i ran out of time. Will get back to it soon. Was just seeing how to make the most out if resources for f2p players to have earlier success. Most of us can preach “save gems, use em only for elemental summons, get to tc13 asap, etc” but until we can prove it works, it’s a hard point to sell. I did have first 4* on day 3, saved up to 300 gems, did blue elemental and got grimm. So that was good. Will get back to that project asap and provide screenshots to track weekly progress. Daily was too tedious.

If I were to sum it up based on my experiences it’s exactly what @Kerridoc mentioned on patience. Right from day one a new player should expect that to fully enjoy and appreciate this game it is going to test their patience and wallets depending on how you play. I’d say if you are F2P, minimum investment is 6-8 months because if you play your cards right this gives you a few TC20’s and some incubation periods to get solid 4 and 5* from them, and you probably have some mats to use and ascend them on. At this stage you can generally take advantage of everything the game offers (and it’s fun as hell).

This is exactly the type of game I like. My time and cheap to play spending have yielded me a great team and most importantly a great set of alliance mates who at the end of the day really make it worthwhile on the bad days.

Also - one thing I really like is that even P2W is significantly handicapped by ascension mats and let’s be frank, without them the F2P folks do not have nearly they great game they have in such a short time frame.


The Events for sure. It seems like something big and interesting and than, you can’t participate or compete. I can’t compete until today (level 32).

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Dropping $100 on gems to summon amazing heros, only to find out you can’t speed up the process since you have no ascension items.


One of my beefs is quests. The loot is just common stuff. Why not fine steel so I can make more healing potions? Why not the rare items I need to ascend Little John? A quest seems special but the loot and points are ho hum and I end up using more special items than I get just to complete the harder quests.

Next the store is overpriced.

Why not make it affordable so it’s more fun for everyone?

Better off droppin a little bit of cash here ans there, i usually wait for deals to pop up that include gems, tokens, ascension items, and crafting items. They usually show up bout once a month and give u more bang for ur buck and give u time to work on the heros u already have in the meantime


As far as quests there are different quests that have different rewards. There are special quests roughly every 2 weeks and each one has ascension items as rewards. As far as pricey gems, if u just use patience and wait for good deals to pop up u can get a lot more for ur money. Usually some summons, ascension items, craft items, and gems. Spend money and gems wisely. If u choose to play for free, do the quests that offer gem rewards, join alliance to kill titans, fill as many chests as possible, level up when u get the chance, watch mystic vision, complete missions, all those things give u gems. Avoid using them for speed ups or other uses, just use em for elemental summons starting with most needed color first. I could probly earn roughly 15 to 30 gems a day now, and when i first started that number was higher due to completing missions and level ups faster, if you play it right u should be able to do roughly 1 free elemental summon every 10 to 12 days from my experience. The vip package is also very worth the money, 2nd builder and can double your daily gem intake, basically guarantees 1 elemental summon every 10 days as long as you save your gems


So many things to do and not enough world/raid/titan energy to do it. Especially world energy, hard deciding on farming vs advancing in the world map.

Edit: Been playing for about 2 weeks

How far are you in world map? I dont advance unless there is certain item i need to farm. There is no bonus for world map completion

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