What are the most annoying tanks

For me it has to be


Maybe kiril idk

For me, Rigard. But I don’t have the best attack team at this time. :disappointed:

Little John
Wukong (I can spell really)

That’s about it currently, pretty sure Guin will go on my list in 1.9.5. Khagan might be on the list but I never see him.

Just hate to fight him… Some others are hard too but his “passiv” healing is so annoying to me. :confounded:

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With no dispeller leveled yet or Perseus I tend to reroll any Ares that’s higher level than my heroes. Rigard and Kashrek used to be trouble but not any longer. I tend to attack them now instead along with anyone with riposte.

A maxed Ares or Guinevere or Hel are probably the worst, though if you can’t pick him off, nothing annoys like Alberich.

Among the fours, Colen, Hu Tao, Little John, Boldtusk and Kashrek can be a pain if the boards aren’t kind.

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Colen is quite squishy, but bad things happen if you fail to squish him and don’t have a healer ready to clean up.


Yeah, it’s the same with Little John.

When I think of a “tank” in this game, I guess I tend to think of the hero or heroes put at the front of a defense to absorb the brunt of an assault—with the most annoying being the ones who cause there the most havoc.

But you’re absolutely right that Colen (and L.J.) don’t fit the more traditional bill at all.

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