What are the events you can use epic tokens to get event heroes?

I know spring and summer event you can use epic tokens to get an event heroe.

Are there more events which use the epic tokens?

Thanks on forehand for the answers :smiley:

So far those are the only two, though I’d expect to see similar new events around Halloween and Christmas.

as far as i know

spring was green (grass, trees)
summer is yellow (sun)
Halloween can be dark
Christmas would be red
Then there’s just blue left for winter event? somewhere in jan/feb? Lol

But just spring and summer thus far that use those epic tokens…

The seasonal event heroes aren’t strictly one color. The spring rabbits are red, green and blue. The sand heroes are yellow, purple and green.

The Challenge Event summons don’t accept Epic Hero tokens, correct?

I saved some up thinking it would allow it because both the Halloween and Christmas seasonal events did.

If not, then it means waiting until summer for good seasonal heroes…the self discipline that entails…ufff.

Correct. The Challenge Summons displaces the elemental summons, not the epic summons. And I agree, you’re looking at holding tokens until July.


Epic hero tokens can be used for all seasonal events.
Last year that was spring/Easter -Rabbits, Summer- Sand heroes, Halloween- Vampires, Christmas- Santa and co.

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