What are the current valid rules for the selection of opponents in the Alliance Wars?

What are the current rules for the selection of opponents in the Alliance Wars?
I can see other descriptions on the net, once it compares the strength of all the players’ heroes in the list of heroes of each player.
And in other descriptions, that it has now been changed and the system compares only the strengths of the 5 strongest heroes - it would not make sense.
I am asking because I am trying to understand why we still get much stronger alliances to war and we are losing wars, which affects the morale of the alliance badly.

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This is pretty much what is known.

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Honestly that log doesn’t really tell you how the matchmaking is working.

So they take 30 heros from each player roster…but what do they do with those 30?

Average them out for each player then find an alliance average to match with another alliance that has the same average?

Do they match 30 individual averages with 30 individual averages?

How is more weight put towards the top 5 heros?

It really just gives you a very vague direction, just more bad communictation from a service provider to it’s customers…


I would like to know as well. Morale is seriously damaged by this. This time we are matched with someone who has the following player levels:
1 50
4 40s
15 30s
10 20s

while we have:
2 40s
8 30s
20 20s

Impossible match no matter what formula is being used.

The problem is it takes 3 hours for the computer to calculate alliance scores for matchmaking. Which wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact this happens before the war Prep phase where alliance wars becomes locked. Which means if you join an alliance an hour before the war starts odds are you are not calculated in your alliances war score for matching.

This is why I’ve faced the last 2 times 2 Russian alliances where 90%+ of the alliance joined right before war started And was horribly overmatched. SGG needs to fix this exploit and calculate matching during the 24hr prep phase where alliances are locked and then start matching alliances together.

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This is interesting as we just had a new member join our alliance 2 hours ago and his team is not on the field for him to set up. Or, are you saying they join just before the ‘war is coming soon’ notification goes away? Just curious - thanks!

Just before the war is coming soon notification which is set on a predictable timer such as Friday at 2pm est. so if you join at 1:30pm alliance score calculations are almost done and that new member isn’t counted.

The dev confirmed in another thread that it takes the computer 3 hours to calculate alliance scores for war and match alliances together. This happens before prep phase (locked) since alliances are already matched.

Another small exploit is the fact team points are calculated once war begins. You can power level a hero once war begins and it won’t increase the points that team is worth. So it’s better to just hold off leveling your hero until immediately after war begins as well. So the other alliance is fighting a team slightly harder then it’s worth for points. I’m not to worried about this since it’s minimal issue.

Thanks for the clarification @Sanchezsam2! Will be interesting to see if any of our future opponents use this tactic. I guess I understand (understand - not agree) why alliances do this. Honestly, trying to figure out ways to work the system is just to darn exhausting. :laughing:

LOL…3 hours for calculation? Is this the 1980s? LOL! No way it takes 3 hours! My phone could do it in seconds!

Don’t blame me lol that’s just what they said.
You also have to know the computer has to calculate everyone’s top 30 hero’s with emphasis on top 5 and then calculate each person in an alliance together and whatever other parameters they include in matching such as number of members. And then once all the alliances are scored match each alliance with another alliance. And do this for millions of accounts and 100s of thousands of alliances. It’s going to take some time however this should happen after alliances are locked and people can’t join during the prep phase not before it.

I am trying to find some help and a precise answer for a problem which has been haunting our alliance in the last 10 wars, and I was very shocked to see that this unfair war opponent selection has been causing problems for almost 2 years now, and Empires & Puzzles still didn’t solve it !!!
why on earth do you keep on giving us opponents 10 times stronger ???
i will write now the levels of our alliance, followed by our opponents levels
46, 46, 43, 37, 37, 34, 34, 33, 32, 32, 32, 32, 31, 28, 27, 24, 23, 18
our opponents levels :
62, 54, 52, 46, 43, 43, 40, 37, 36, 34, 33, 32, 31, 29, 28, 27, 26, 24
how on earth you give opponents higher than 50 and 60 even if we do not have any single player of that level ???

I ask for a very seriously that Empires & Puzzles solved this problem urgently !!!
Thank you !

the war parameters have changed since this thread you necroed was put out. I’m not sure on all of the specifics, but I will try to find links and edit my post accordingly.

The biggest “issue” with war right now is that there are alliances that employ the war shuffle strategy.

There has been much discussion on why it’s bad and how to end it:

And finally, a shameless self plug for my fix:


Some folks start here:

Remember that ALL of these are in play during war matchmaking: It is possible—through a series of wins—that you have stepped up toward a much higher opponent. And they—through a series of losses—might have stepped down toward you. That’s just taking into account the “Win/Loss” factor.

Please see the links above from @SupremeAlienRaptor to continue your discussion. Thanks!

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