What are the Cheapest/Best deals to buy?

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Is there any thread previously done on this subject or if not can someone share the knowledge?

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VIP was generally considered the best (cheapest) deal. If your buildings are all done maybe not as much. The second builder is helpful for growing players.

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Depends on what you need or want to buy.


Have a brouse …

Has other links in that thread too…

Plus a bit outdated but the deals stlil exist now …

other new offers are aboot with season 4 and 5 now …


Birthday and Cyber Monday deals are the best.

Never ever buy just gems.


That depends mainly on what you want to buy? Pulls? Gems? Ascension mats? Limit breakers? Items? Emblems? WE? Other stuff?
There is better and worse deals for all of them :smiley:, but the best deal for emblems doesn´t help if you want to LB a hero and Mats don´t help if you don´t have heroes to put them on…

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I’m mainly looking for pulls so gems deals are what I mean.

@PlayForFun : I couldn’t find that post you created with the comparative cost for gem bundles. Can you post it here ? I will bookmark it for future reference. Thank you.

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Are you asking something like this ?

The cheapest deal is to save your Money. This game isn’t worth a Cent anymore


Most portals have the gem deals where you get 200 gems for $.99US or some multiple of that which is the cheapest you’ll find for gems on a regular basis. But they will also will have a deal for each portal(usually he day before the last day) where they just have coins which comes out to 1 pull for $1US which is cheaper than the gem deals.

@Rockstar try this link :

@PlayForFun yes. Thank you.


I usually prefer the deals involving 200 gem for $0,99.

And keep the gems for a nice portal


20000 Thanks everyone

If you want pulls, gems are usually not the best deal. Portal coins are usually sold at a better price than gems, because they are less versatile. So buying coins is best in most cases, but of course it depends on buying coins for the events where you want to pull. Not every event has good coin deals, in which case you have to move on to buying gems.

So just as an example the current ice deals have some of the best deals in the game, but only if you want EHT, ETT (deal 2) and S5 pulls (deal 3). If that is the case they are far superior to any gems deal anywhere and more than worth buying the first rather bad deal to be able to move to deal 2.

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I can tell you how I evaluate offers. Perhaps it will give you some ideas about how you could decide what to get?
I think it boils down to how much you are willing to pay for a pull and how much you are willing to pay per month to improve your fun.

I am willing to buy gem-only purchases at the rate of 100 gems for 50 cents. I base my other calculations from this.
A single gems pull is 300 gems, or about $1.50. I rarely do that - therefore by observation I have concluded that $1.50/pull is above my personal price point.

I think that about $1.33/pull is a good price - one that can be found regularly but not every day. $1.25/pull is a very good price, $1/pull is excellent and rarely available.

When I see a mixed offer, say 1000 gems and 3 coin pulls for $10, I will break it into two parts. Half of it becomes 1000 gems for $5 - something I am willing to pay if it fits into my monthly budget. the other half is now 3 pulls for $5, or $1.66/pull. That is above my personal target price, so I probably won’t take that offer.

Obviously people who put a different value on gems or who have a different price they are willing to pay per pull would come to a different conclusion.

I hope this helps you evaluate.


When is the birthday E&P? :slight_smile: Cyber monday is 28.11.

This is how I evaluate offers:

I don’t catalog every offer, but these are the top ones sorted I do have:


VIP & POV are best value deals. VIP pays off over time so commitment over time for best deal is year. POV if you are in an alliance and at a level to complete it offers across the board pulls and decent gems

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Depends on what you want.

PoV is best in general, though one needs to work for it. This of course applies only to $10 version. Also, there are changes to it so we’ll see if it stays that way.

VIP is also good, as for $5.50 you get 900 coins, 90 emblems, 90 tickets, 30 extra daily portal pulls but mainly second builder. It’s not as handy if you don’t need second builder anymore.

In general, if you want to pull, there are offers that give $1 = coins for one pull, and these are best for pulls. Like 6 stocks of 300 coins for 3 Kingdom for $3 each, or 2 stocks of 500 Underwild/Dune coins for $5 each, or 3, resp. 6 stocks of Tower, resp. Clash of Knights coins for $3 each.

There is also irregular offer of 7 epic hero tokens and some 5* battle items for $5. Irregular is the key word here. Useful if one is darting for Seasonal Heroes.

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