What are the chances of getting 3 stars in daily summon


Are they the same as 5* in epic summon?

I’m thinking to summoning 1 epic daily and eventually I’d get a legend

Since I get a 3 star from daily summon 1-2 times a month

Of course this will be irrelevant if the chances are different


100% chance that if you do, it’ll be Bane.


I’ve gotten 4 I believe. Ever.


3* from daily summons are a rarity for me. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen percentage calculations for daily Summons (like those recently done for TC20, for example).



I suppose, since you have a 3-5% chance of getting a 5* out of 3* to 5* it is the same for 1* to 3*.
So if you draw a 3* in a daily summon you would have drawn a 5* in elemental summon. :grin:
But thats just how I see it (no calculation done).
Also you have the possibility to draw troops in a daily summon so the chances are even lower to draw a 3*.


It seems the Higher level your team is, the higher upgraded your buildings are, the more trophies you have, the better the ABSOLUTELY RANDOM heroes you’ll get. It takes time & patience. I’m at lvl 27, still getting 1* heroes!!!