What are the best 3* to max in lvl and talents?

I am looking for event and tournaments

Are you able to tell us which 3* heroes you currently have in your roster? And which have costume?
Without that info you are not going to get an informed reply here…


I am looking for a general advice, i have too many 3* and wanna sort them out

Some of my favorites:


For Rare Challenge Events, the best 3* teams are usually mono blue because of Nordri’s elemental def down. Pair Nordri with a def down like costumed Gunnar and Ulmer. If you have costumed Ulmer, then you get an attack up as well. You don’t really need a healer if you’re going for high scores, so just fill the rest with blues with the highest attack/tile damage.

For tournaments, while I would love to be competitive in all of them, it depends on the availability of emblems. You’ll want at least a healer of each color (yellow is getting one in the new event) and as pef listed above, some 3* heroes are better than others. I’d add Bauchan and Chick Jr to that list if you’re lucky enough to pull them.




Ok for “general advice”, I can share with you the 3* heroes that I retained and worked to max and gave emblems. They are:
Poppy, Gramps, Vollermork, Frosty, Ei-Dunn, Agnes, Nordri, Grevle, Bjorn, Sudri, Kvasir, Pixie, Shrubbear, Melia, Gill-Ra, Namahage, Chochin, Hisan, Mnesseus, Rudolph, Gato, Squire Wabbit

And those in Costume are:
Renfeld, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Tyrum, Karil, Bane, Gunnar

More that I plan to max include:
Helo, Shrekok, Edd, Jarvur, By-Ulf, Bauchan, Vlad, Arman, Chick Jr. Guardian Bat, Muggy, Vodnik.

I also saved more costume 3* that are worth keeping and plan to get around to doing something with in the near future. These are:
Belith, Friar Tuck, Isshtak, Oberon, Prisca, Jahangir, Kailani, Ulmer, Gan Ju, Berden, Carver, Azar, Valen, Graymane, Nashgar, Dawa, Brienne


So, every 3* in the game then :wink:

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I keep 5-6 3* of each color. I think my strongest are mono blue and yellow.

For blue, id go with
frosty, cGunnar, nordri, gato, chick jr.
Even during bloody battles, frosty still has value. His minions act like meat shields.

For yellow i stuck with
cBane, agnes, Kvasir, pixie, melia
Again, Kvasir is the MVP here. He does well even on bloody battles. Might replace agnes with poppy.

I am really liking Poppy.
Others by color
Purple - Bjorne Balthazar
Yellow - Melia Kvasir
Red - Squire Sudri
Blue - Chick Nordri
Green - Grevle Brienne

They are comparatively cheap to level. Things get monotonous sometimes, so focus on ones that are fun and different. I like farming season 1 with teams of 3* just to change things up!

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