What are realistic expectations for alliance participation?

If an alliance is half hardcore and half casual, it will be hard to keep it together, even if you are all good friends and have been together for a while.

But what tends to happen is that the alliance will shift one way or the other. (Or split / die)

If people get kicked for non participation, it will get more serious.

If serious players leave for more serious alliances (with bigger titans), it will get more casual.

Or it may split off into two parts / merge with other alliances.


Do your best, opt out of war if u can’t make it (in other words don’t screw everyone else by being included in matching and not using all 6 flags). Everyone should use 4+ flags per Titan, but stuff happens occasionally. If you inform the alliance you are going to be away absences are more excusable. If you rarely miss a Titan no one will say anything. If we need you I can hit you up on LINE. If you start missing multiple titan/wars regularly the boot is coming. It’s friendly alliance that kills 9* titans… everyone is pretty much getting 3x chances on Titan ascension drops. Sure we would love to be killing 12* titans for 4 chances for A rank but realistically we won’t have 30 members to do that currently even if everyone used 7 flags. So I’m happy with killing 9* titans.


Slightly off-topic, but I’m pretty sure we have way too many alliances out there, being kept alive either by an overly loyal few and/or by small Caesars clenching onto “their group”. The result, of course, is that a good many players are playing below their actual potential because they are stuck in half-hearted groups composed of players with too huge a span of ambitions.

So, instead of having 10 alliances with 10 people trying to fill their ranks, we could’ve had 3 fully functioning alliances. :slight_smile:

You will probably not be able to convert your casuals to hardcore, if you try they’ll just leave or fail and leave even more bitterly. So the hardcores are going to have to be chillax about the casuals.

You can still motivate, promote, but watch it because it may be perceived as pushing, and that’s not chillax.

My advice would be to celebrate your successes and focus on everything that went right. My advice would be to lead by example rather than point out those who are behind. Or even point out that anyone’s behind. Don’t make them think you think they’re slackers. Make sure you are aware that they have a Real Life and besides it, they put what they can into this game, and every breadcrumb helps. Love your breadcrumbs.

It’s not always easy. When you see a titan slip away with 50k HP left and there’s members out there that haven’t even touched it, you will feel the urge to call them out. Don’t. It’s not chillax. Throw a hissyfit too many and you’ll have half an alliance left.

Heterogeneous alliances can hold together very well if both bloodgroups treat eachother with mutual respect and understanding.


@Prich543, check out Magnificent Bastards if you like. We have clear expectations and I enforce them


My earlier point exactly, clarity and consistency. :slight_smile:

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How does one join an alliance that is invite only?

The term invite is misleading, you have to apply for it. When you ask to join a window will pop up for you to write your application


There’s definitely place out there for all of us, hardest part is to realize what you want. If it doesn’t exist, create your own. It’s hard, but depending what you want, doable. I started an alliance three times, third time was a charm, they’re awesome :smiley:

I wanted hard core type of play (responsible, full participation, coordination, login few times a day) with heroes you have, without pressure to get maxed 5 stars and chase those big titans, and with wars played smart way. Loot will still be crap anyway most of the time :rofl:

Currently I’m playing with my alt using 2 and 3 stars and having so much fun while my main is on leave of absence, because it started to drain my energy and not to replenish it.

If your team power is lower than 3000, check Pet Project, we’re on 4-5 star titans, with established base of around 20 players who are responsive and eager, and with rest 9-10 currently changing until we find good match - being in similar power is crucial, so that our war opponent ends being similar to us as well :wink:

We’re around month old, growing rapidly and having fun :wink:

Ignoring the team - announcements is no option, so yeah, no worries about not enforcing rules there.

My alliance is very active and I can often count on 100% participation with the exception of those who have given notice of another obligation. One concept that seems to drive home the importance of activity is the contributions our members have made to the alliance. The term “it’s just a game” does not belong in our vocabulary… not that it takes priority over real life… but many of us have put considerable money and time into it and deserves to be treated that way. This idea is made very clear to newer members so they can decide to leave before getting too involved.


If you go to global chat and say I need an alliance, you’ll be scooped up for sure. Just touch that persons avatar that you like, ask to join.

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