What are realistic expectations for alliance participation?

Prich, we are having the opposite problem. Players say they want to play seriously. But then they miss titans, don’t have 6 teams to field in war ( but have 1 good one) ignore chat and keep hitting. They complain about not winning wars, but mostly it’s their own fault. They don’t team play or listen to strategy…you need to find an alliance like ours, we need players like you!


Reasonable is “pretty close to what you want to do”

If you play once a day, (or less) find an alliance where that is OK.

If you never let a flag go unused and set an alarm to hit the titan when it spawns or when your WE is full, look for an alliance that requires and enforces higher participation.

FYI, if you play all the time, but started recently, you may need to accept a less serious alliance until your team qualifies for a more serious one. Consider a family of alliances, where you can migrate to a bigger, less casual one later but stay in the community.

And if your alliance has a standard for participation but doesn’t enforce it, consider looking for better.


Basically this comes down to the distinction between hardcore and casual gaming.

Hardcore gamers will be serious about participating as much as they can and will actively enforce that standard on their peers.

Casual gamers will let Real Life prevail under most circumstances. They can still have periods of quite fanatic gaming. But they will not enforce participation by others, because they know Real Life is what it is.

This game sets itself somewhere between casual and hardcore, it takes discipline and multiple logins a day to take all your opportunities, yet doing so only takes a little time - you can indeed spend an AW flag during a bio break.

But don’t let that fool you. Once you’re obligating your peers to spend all their flags and don’t miss on a titan, you’re in hardcore territory. You may still be feeling like you’re gaming casually - after all this is not a hardcore MMO where you’ll be raiding for hours every day and night. But the commitment will interfere enough with Real Life to be hardcore.

So that’s the basis for realistic expectations to alliance participation: is the alliance hardcore or casual? Hardcore means an obligation to commit. Casual means it’s cool if you commit, but RL goes first.

If you’re a casual player in a hardcore alliance, get. out.
If you’re a hardcore player in a casual alliance, don’t. force. your. commitment. on. others.

If you’re either kind of player in an alliance that doesn’t act like it quacks, discuss that so either the act or the quack changes. And then draw your conclusions.


Alliance families are a good option - we have a ‘hardcore’ option and a casual/training sister alliance.

When committed members have a busy time in real life, they move over and we promote keen newer players.


We are currently 28 members and without actually tracking this I would say 1-2 players with no hits on each titan/war. We are on 7* titans.

Our rule is 2 missed titans in a row without posting will get a player kicked. Posting in advanced due to real life (holiday, work, health issues etc.) is fine. This is enforced. We don’t enforce war.


I just posted an idea for a new function that would take the stress out of this situation.

Basically its some settings that the leader controls that detremines the minimum expected participation.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but you can see my suggestion here:

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@FishDreams as you know I have just posted in that thread, but for the benefit of this one I will repeat some of my points here.
I am the leader of an alliance called ‘All Zeros will be Kicked’ and from the name and from the explicit rules that we share with recruits when they join we make it fairly clear what the covenant is. This manages expectation on all sides and empowers me and my fellow co-leaders to kick members for non-participation.
In my experience it is about communication and an acceptance of the rules and as such if members accept what is required of them they stay. If not then they can leave or they will be kicked.


I run an alliance, just for casual play. I kick those who are inactive - but recruitment was difficult, membership only exploded rather recently. No one seems to want to chat, there’s a select few that are hitting titans. There’s a lot of newbies too.

I don’t really hold any strict requirements, we manage to clear titans - we are only up to 3 star recently but we are doing it within the time limit.

For me, I’m just happy at this moment for the group to keep evolving and hitting the titans, even if chat is deserted and I have to clean up the inactive once in a while.

I guess what I’m saying is it depends on the group. I don’t want to be demanding lots from what is a relatively small and new guild at this moment, maybe in the future, but for now as long as people are active and presumably having fun then that’s enough for me. :slight_smile:

What if your current alliance is composed of 50% hardcore and 50% casual. What would be the best thing to do for the group? Asking for a friend…:grimacing:


We have an alliance that is considered somewhat casual. But we do have an always hit titan policy. Of course long time members don’t get kicked out for missing one titan, but it is presumed that there are no 0 scores on the hit list and it is usually questoned if there happens to be one. Wars are not mandatory but if you don’t opt out it is presumed that you use your flags.

Now why I said somewhat casual is that we/I don’t set any rules on how much or well people have to participate, only that they participate. Also people come from our main ally to us to take a break.

We take down 8-9* titans and just broke 110k points. Also we have an awesome athmosphere and no requirements for joining whatsoever(other than finnish language).

All in all I think we’ve achieved great balance between not demanding too much but still keeping active.

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It can be different on many alliances. Mine can be described as half and half. But I do have at least 2 members who may not frequently go to the toilet to play. One is a surgical nurse, the other a big hotel chef.
Also, we are international, with members ranging from Brazil to Thailand, so somebody is always asleep when titan spawns. 2 members , very strong hitters, communicate through google translate. We work according to each situation. We do not do badly, with 10* and 11* titans, even with some fatally not using all flags. But then, more important to us is that some of us have been there together over a year

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It is reasonable to expect 100% use of war flags and hits on every titan unless there’s a good reason. It is reasonable to want to play without those expectations too. It is reasonable to expect people to play whenever and as hard as they wish with no repercussions. It is reasonable to be frustrated because others in your alliance are not as committed to alliance success.

Alliances can reasonably span the full gamut from 0 expectations to 100% participation. Players should find an alliance that matches their own preference.


I’d advertise for a merger on the forum.

There are lots of similar situations with phoenix alliances trying to resurrect their fortunes.

I agree that it depends on the policy and what kind of alliance you are in. Is it competive or more casual?
We expect members to use all flags in war and all flags on titan when active. A minimum score on titans makes good sense in some alliances, for us high and low hitters can change daily, from who is in from start, have items, flasks or good boards. Some only get their first 3 hits in before the the Titan is killed.
Being leader of an alliance moving from #100 to top 10 I think communication is a big factor, both ways - leaders to members and members to leaders.
I expect members to tell me if they are busy in life and have to opt out on a war or not hit a titan

If an alliance is half hardcore and half casual, it will be hard to keep it together, even if you are all good friends and have been together for a while.

But what tends to happen is that the alliance will shift one way or the other. (Or split / die)

If people get kicked for non participation, it will get more serious.

If serious players leave for more serious alliances (with bigger titans), it will get more casual.

Or it may split off into two parts / merge with other alliances.


Do your best, opt out of war if u can’t make it (in other words don’t screw everyone else by being included in matching and not using all 6 flags). Everyone should use 4+ flags per Titan, but stuff happens occasionally. If you inform the alliance you are going to be away absences are more excusable. If you rarely miss a Titan no one will say anything. If we need you I can hit you up on LINE. If you start missing multiple titan/wars regularly the boot is coming. It’s friendly alliance that kills 9* titans… everyone is pretty much getting 3x chances on Titan ascension drops. Sure we would love to be killing 12* titans for 4 chances for A rank but realistically we won’t have 30 members to do that currently even if everyone used 7 flags. So I’m happy with killing 9* titans.


Slightly off-topic, but I’m pretty sure we have way too many alliances out there, being kept alive either by an overly loyal few and/or by small Caesars clenching onto “their group”. The result, of course, is that a good many players are playing below their actual potential because they are stuck in half-hearted groups composed of players with too huge a span of ambitions.

So, instead of having 10 alliances with 10 people trying to fill their ranks, we could’ve had 3 fully functioning alliances. :slight_smile:

You will probably not be able to convert your casuals to hardcore, if you try they’ll just leave or fail and leave even more bitterly. So the hardcores are going to have to be chillax about the casuals.

You can still motivate, promote, but watch it because it may be perceived as pushing, and that’s not chillax.

My advice would be to celebrate your successes and focus on everything that went right. My advice would be to lead by example rather than point out those who are behind. Or even point out that anyone’s behind. Don’t make them think you think they’re slackers. Make sure you are aware that they have a Real Life and besides it, they put what they can into this game, and every breadcrumb helps. Love your breadcrumbs.

It’s not always easy. When you see a titan slip away with 50k HP left and there’s members out there that haven’t even touched it, you will feel the urge to call them out. Don’t. It’s not chillax. Throw a hissyfit too many and you’ll have half an alliance left.

Heterogeneous alliances can hold together very well if both bloodgroups treat eachother with mutual respect and understanding.


@Prich543, check out Magnificent Bastards if you like. We have clear expectations and I enforce them


My earlier point exactly, clarity and consistency. :slight_smile:

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