What are people looking for in an alliance?

LOL wow. And I thought I had seen some of the worst elements of humanity!

It’s funny how I will mention some of the negative experiences I have had with other players, and many on here say “gee, really? I’ve never met any bad people in this game. I bring people in my alliance all the time! Some of them end up leaving, but none of them have ever caused any problems.”

I’ve encountered some bad people, but none of them have gone so far as to ninja stalk me and pretend to be someone friendly just to try to join so that they could spew a few obscenities at me before I kick them. That is some dedication right there.

Geez. Apparently even my haters are lazy.


Personally, stuff like that never bothered me. But it definitely used to upset some of the younger or quieter players. Sadly we even had one player leave the group and the game, all because of some idiot making them feel uncomfortable by gatecrashing the alli.

Luckily those ‘randoms’ are few and far between, but they are out there.

I guess my whole rambling point is that players can, and will, go the extra mile to be a nuisance. And I’d include the PoV titan guys in that. Sorry if that’s any of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Obnoxious idiots don’t bother me either, as I’m quite capable of being just as obnoxious as anyone else… but yeah, like you, I also have some younger, quieter players who are used to a calm and friendly atmosphere, and all it takes is one ■■■■■■■ to throw that all out of balance and scare them into hiding, ruining everything.

Hence why I am super protective and selective about who I allow into my alliance. They must first be personally vetted / recommended by at least one trusted member of the group, then receive unanimous approval (no reasonable objections) in an alliance wide vote.

Unspoken understanding is that if you personally recommend another member, you are putting your own trust and good name behind that member (and you are going to be held at least partially accountable for that member’s behavior going forward, so don’t vouch for anyone that you do not fully trust).

Has not been an issue at all in my current alliance so far, as I have only allowed in the finest of people, and everyone they have brought with them have been very mature, cordial, and well behaved. Could not possibly ask for a better group of guys and gals. And would not ever risk jeopardizing that perfect harmony by taking a chance on a random stranger who may or may not be a sociopathic douchebag.


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