What are people looking for in an alliance?

Just my curiosity when saw people joined and suddenly left my alliance. what are they looking for really?

please share your idea.

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Some quick first inspections are war/titan participation, titan levels and chatiness


Leadership! For me it ALWAYS comes down to leadership.

If titans are well managed, wars organized, members encouraged and helped, etc, etc it always starts with the rules, policies, tone and example set from the top.


Besides the legit reasons they might be alliance shopping, sometimes they’re titan poachers looking for an easy kill.


the point is they don’t even know that yet. join and leave, maybe, in 5 sec. lol

they are probably titan scouts.
see when your titan appears and join before hoping it is rare to get the loot.

i don’t like it but it happens.

we had a group of 8 players tried this on a sister alliance but it wasn’t rare and they left

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Sometimes, they just went in the alliance, hit the titan and maybe due to their poor titan hits, leave the alliance. But before leaving the alliance, they leave some nasty words. Remember the player named flo? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It really depends.

Sometimes Alliances have names where it’s not clear what the primary language is - had someone post in a foreign language in an alliance once upon joining, and almost nobody could understand them, so they left.

Titan chasers are very common during PoV. Sometimes they show before it spawns looking for rares, or looking to see if it’s close to dead for a kill.

I once posted about somebody who simply came into alliances posting recruitment messages for another alliance, then leaving soon after.

We no longer have that issue, due to not being open. We’ve talked about opening it up after war starts so we don’t have people leave during war, to let people possibly join and fit, but hasn’t happened yet.

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Seriously!! that’s new to me. :laughing:

Yes. just saw one. Join in and ask if I need help with titan.

Exactly!! I experienced that once. Someone in my alliance posted for titan help. The Mercs group, about 15 members, then came in and chat a lot, make fun with their team, 50+ messages. That made my alliance freak out and some of my strong members left after that. Very bad experience indeed.

Yep. Here. Read the entire thread. You will laugh a lot. Courtesies to @FrenziedEye.


so funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The people you’re seeing are titan hunting for POV, they have no intent of sticking around.

He’s not the only one posting. My thread had some interesting “read between the lines” things going on.


Ah, I was reading too deeply into the question. The other posters are all correct.

Titans, probably.

I haven’t thought about Flo in a while. Thanks, I needed a chuckle.

Thanks for this suggestion. Truly enjoyable read as promised. Earned me my reader badge! lol

Even with the alliance set at ‘invite only’, the PoV titan players will still take the time to request, join and bail again. It’s beginning to be a problem in the game, imo.

Edit: if not a problem per se, it’s a royal pain in the rear, especially if you’re actively trying to recruit.

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Setting trophy minimum to 4000 cups will eliminate the randoms from being able to send join requests.

Obviously not ideal if you’re actively trying to recruit, but if you are vetting each recruit personally, you can always lower that requirement just long enough to let that one person in, then lock it back up again.

I know, every alliance operates differently. Some have minimum trophy, hero, and activity requirements, etc.; others just want as many warm bodies as they can get, and hope that they end up working out; I’ve been in alliances like those in the past, and didn’t care for them. I prefer to actually know the people I let in my alliance. Doesn’t mean I have to know them personally, but at least know something about them, or have them vetted by another trusted member first.

If I just set the alliance to “invite only” without the 4k cup lock, random people will send join requests, and one of my members might let them in (accidentally or otherwise)… potentially putting me into an awkward position later. I really don’t want to have to kick anyone out, ever, but… my alliance is already pretty well established. It’s easier for me to identify people who would be a good fit for us before letting them in, vs. trying to get to know some stranger and hoping that they’ll fit in.

That’s actually for the recruit’s benefit just as much as it is for mine. If the person is not a good fit for the alliance and/or the alliance is not a good fit for the person, it’s a waste of everybody’s time.


It does, but even that only gets you so far. I was/am constantly amazed at the lengths some of the stranger elements in E&P will go to, just to be irritating.

“Hi Dr-Zoidberg, can you lower your trophies as I’d like to join :slightly_smiling_face:

A brief interview to check they’re above board and normal…seems ok…drops entry reqs…he/she joins.

“Hey all! You’re a bunch of @##@@# and Zoidberg is a %#@###”…he/she exits. (based on real events).

Such fun and happy memories.

Add in the PoV titan alli hoppers and it can become quite a mess. :slightly_smiling_face:


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