What are my.odds?

This is the latest attack on my SH:

What are the odds that i can revenge?

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Bring 3 blue and 2 green heroes and see what happens. One has to be a debuffer.

I love revenges like this.


What @Olmor said!! Good luck and go for it.

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Sorry, but all i have beside Caedmon are 3*(Carver, Berden max ). I have Frida and Boril(3/20) Sonia (2/30) or Gunnar (3/46) Karil ( 3/09 ).
I’m still levelling some others 4* but don’t have any more greens.
Those on that team are my best and strongest so far.

Then take Frida, Sonya, Boril, Rigard and Li.

Doesn’t matter if you’ll win or lose, just for fun…

In that order ?
And thank you, will try 3 times who knows?

The order doesn’t matter for attacks, except Boril not in the corner.

Heroes supporting nearby not on the wall, that’s all. :wink:

Just went at it. It wasn’t even close,i only manage to kill the red guy once,the purple one took out 3 of my team in 1 shoot, twice!
At least i took one out in 3 tries. Wasn’t expecting to.
The set up was, Sonia, Frida, Boril, Li, Rigard.
Thank again.


Give it time… you need to max your heroes first, in order to be deadly in raids… when you will have three 4 or 5* heroes of each color maxed and you will be able to avenge any raid. Depending on your play style, this might take a few month, but you will get there sooner or later if you really enjoy the game.

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Thank you.
I’m working on several (15) 4* right now, and finalizing my 3*, so, yeah I’m in for the long haul.
It was a learning experience.just like the rest of this game, slowly getting better at quests, events, and all.
The encouragements are appreciated. Thank you very much.

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This is exactly why Raids should incorporate players TP !

Cup dropping wouldn’t be easy . :thinking:

Which TP? Your strongest 5 heroes? Strongest 5 by color? Your defense TP? Factoring in troops?

You roll a raid before you pick an offense, after all…

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You aren’t forced to fight a cup dropper. You can reroll or ignore revenge. Most fight because it’s easy pickings.

50/50 :wink:
You will either revenge…or choose not to.

The odds of winning are a bit different depending on your hero roster.


Yeah you’re right i should have phrased it better,thank.
The odds at winning were very low, if not lower.:wink:

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Gaining experience is more important than cups.

I don’t even play for cups they just are there.
They go up, down, without my participation.
Only do revenge when nothing else,( out of WE flags the main reason.) Is going on, in game or irl. :yum:
Have fun.

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As that’s how WAR is balanced …
Tropheys/cups are strictly based on player advancement… want to keep aiming hi… go for diamond rank… But it should get progressively harder and challenging moving up cups.
But then high powered players drop cups and work their way back up , which is fine but they shouldn’t have easy targets

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Are you calling me, an easy target? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Have fun.


No matey , I meant having stronger opponents face ppl with 1000 TP difference , that’s a huge difference in battle .

Didn’t meant you were easy or a target. I’m sure u can beat my defense or I can lose to you in a raid :yum: