What are best hero’s to have?


I need advise on what people think are the best 5*/4* hero’s to have


As a general rule: the hero’s you have are better than those you don’t have.


Fast single target snipers

Rest are meh


Heroes that comes for free are the best :face_with_monocle:


I wish that was true but i love my hotms


Urban legends says HotM can come for free :face_with_monocle:


True i got athena for free

Just wish i could say the same about the others :face_with_monocle:


Heroes are always part of a team, and so what matters is not so much getting “the best” heroes but getting heroes that work well as a team.

The best comprehensive guides to “the best” heroes are:


If you’re just starting out, I strongly urge you to focus on 4* heroes. They are far easier to acquire and ascend. (Heroes need to be leveled up to come into their own.). If you happen to pick up 5* heroes along the way, just hold on to them and work on them later when you have more resources.

Ideally you’ll build up a “double rainbow” 4* team—two ofeach color, which lets you swap out the weak color for an extra of the strong color against the primary foe. For example, against a blue titan, you want to double green and omit red.

If I could wave a wand and put together a double rainbow team of the classic heroes, they would be:

  • Dark: Rigard, Tibertus
  • Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xiu
  • Blue: Grimm, Kiril
  • Green: Caedmon, Melendor
  • Red: Boldtusk, Gormek

That gives 3 healers, the 3 Ramming Pulverizers for -defense, 3 +attack heroes, 2 debuffers and a mana-control tank (Li Xiu).


Tell that to the Cleveland Browns :joy:

I like 4* healers best out of all the 4* Rigard, Kiril, BT and so on.

5* can be more extraordinary when they have a lot involved in their special. It also makes them more difficult to line up with other heroes, but they are more fun.


I got Frida 4 “free” from a titan chest hero coin… best luck I have ever had…

But to answer the question I feel tarlak is the overall #1 He has high hit power and makes everyone else on the team hit insanely higher


The best heroes are your family/ friends/ acquaintances.


Even those designated to be worse or worst are competitive. You’ll possibly not become #1, no matter if you have the best or the worst, but who knows. Even the worst are worth a lot of fun and that’s what a game should be…

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Well, the best heroes are those you already own / pulled. Guin, GM, Lianna, Sartana, Tarlak, Kage and co will be the beast against our weaker team though.

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Aife, Aife, Aife, Aife and Aife.


Seconded, Aife for the win


Yeah…who knows we may able to trade 5 Aife for a Reinfeld in the new hero academy.