What Anchor Left Off

Anyone to pick up his job of providing grades to the new heroes. I need information before spending my gems. I literaally stopped buy gems. Or is it just me here?


Can’t you decide on your own? Do you do all the time what other people tell you?

Read the cards and then decide yourself.


I suggest that you take a look at the excellent https://enphero.com/ by the also excellent @Razor


Agreed @GelatinousPilot. @Razor is doing a fine job, and his website is a fun one to spend some time on.


Yup, awesome place to do some hero analysis and improving all the time. I definitely recommend it and have for quite awhile. I like that it’s more data based analysis and less subjective based analysis.


Anchor’s group plans to keep ratings going too


Agreed @LadyAnesthesia, and I would also point the OP to https://titanmafia.com/ generally, which is another of @Razor 's projects . They might even like to join up!


of course you have to remember that the analysis of the top 100 stuff, while interesting, could end up being just a giant group think with all the issues that entails. If of course the site offers more than that, but I suspect many just focus on just the top 100 analysis and don’t do any of their own analysis.

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Anything specific you think could be added to the site? Just for discussion sake. I’m not a staff member or anything of the sorts. Just curiosity. (For the hero utility tool or titanmafia site in general, i consider them the same when in conversation)

Btw does provide more than just a top 100 defense database. But takes more than a quick glance to figure that out.

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Yep, I even said as much in my post.
Razor is working on some pretty cool new stuff, and I’ll not steal any of his thunder on that. But I think it would be interesting to do one more click down on the top 100 analysis, like how many times do you see a combination of heroes? This may help identify synergies.

I would also think that adding something about a “titan efficacy” rating for a team could be good. I use titans because it is rather limited what makes a good titan attack team and might make a good starting point for the type of rating system for dealing with different quests, challenges etc where the enemy is rather static.



20 characters.

But those grades were given by Anchor. Razor doesn’t seem to give gradings to new heroes. Kunvhen has no grading yet.

True on that. What info do you look for from grades?

It helps me to decide who to max and who should I gives my emblems. If Kunchen is not an A I will max other A grade heroes first. I have Ares, QoH, Santa, Onatel, Mitrumo, Justce, Aegir …etc. They are all in queue to be maxed to take the tanking position . I would give priority to the new A grade heroes.

For example Ares is good however I found that the game AI tends more to take down whoever beside hm which makes him less useful. That’s why I incline to using new Grade A heroes.

What color tanks does your alliance use in war?

Btw grades don’t mean “should absolutely max asap” or “should never max”. Always depends on roster, needs, etc.


That’s howevr the situation when I don’t have the time to reaearch more myself. That’s actually where Anchor‘s guide so helpful. It’s more like someone i can trust did the redearch for me,


given the amount you are clearly spending to have all those heroes i think you would be better to do a small bit of research yourself, otherwise you end up in the situation like those that chased and maxed aegir immediately without thinking for themselves


Take a look (I think this is what you are asking for…the definition is the first link, hero’s utility is the second. Last is the Titan Mafia website with more cool stuff.)




No one is replacing Anchor. But others will rise up and do their part. :slight_smile:


Hard for me to relate honestly. I’ve always done my own analysis when it comes to “who to max decisions”. I’ve looked at the grades for discussion and conversation but about as far as it ever went(not to take anything away from his work, just a me thing).

What darks do you have maxed?
What reds do you have maxed?

Do you already have mats to max another of both/either colors?

Are you limited on tomes and blades?

Are you looking for titans or raids or wars or defense or events?

Factors a grade system won’t take into account

Should have thrown yellow in there since you mentioned onatel…

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