What am I missing (Titan loot)

Hello, I came back in my alliance 19h before the titan was killed and got reduced loot. As far as I know last updates were related to rare titans, and this wasn’t one. Anything else I missed from the updates?

If I remember rightly if you are not in the alliance at spawn time you get reduced loot. So if you rejoined after spawn despite being there in plenty of time for titan to die 19hrs later then this could be the reason.


If you got a full titan loot in another alliance, that also may be the cause of your reduced loot.

No. I was there when it spawn. I’m the co-leader. Was out for less than 1 hour.

No. Wasn’t out hitting out alliance titan. And this rule was for rare

There are quite a few pitfalls with titan loot when mercing/changing an alliance or whatever reason someone leaves and comes back to an alliance. After all:

  • the titan chest timer is reset to twelve hours whenever you leave an alliance
  • for twenty hours from the last regular loot your next titan loot will be reduced if you kill (is hitting enough also?) an titan in another alliance or changed alliance for whatever reason (as far as i experienced, this does not reset every time you hit a new titan or change alliances - maybe anyone can confirm :thinking:)
  • titan loot will be reduced whenever you enter the alliance after the titan already spawned
  • new: for rare titans there is a blocking of twelve (?) days between full rare titan loots when mercing etc.
  • new: for rare titans you need to be part of that alliance 20 hours (?) before it spawned

Not sure if this helps or any of these cases applies to your situation?!


Yes that’s a nice recap but unfortunately none are my situation. I left for around 30 mins, never even hit other titans and had the cooldown enough to even have it counted in my titan chest but… Reduced loot…

I’m asking the same thing here was on a rare and I’ve been in this alliance for 10 days


If you got Rare Titan loot in another alliance within the past 12 days, you get Reduced Loot:


I’m sorry @jkdevore. :frowning:

I can understand. I get reduced titan loot a lot (despite trying to prevent it). :rofl:

They seem to change the titan rules too frequently. Anyway, what @Guvnor wrote. Does that apply here?

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Yep, that was the response I received from the help. Personally, this is just bull as if you’re somewhere for 10 days, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t a case of mercing

@jkdevore I completely agree that the 12 days rule is too long.

As we both know, this is SG/Zynga’s game, and in some ways, they will just go ahead and do what they want like they did with limit breakers. :unamused:

In the past, reduced titan loot bothered me. Now? I no longer care for rare titan loot. I have a mats stockpile, and you don’t get many emblems from smaller titans anyway.

It’s just another reason people are getting fed up with this game.

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Did a 12* rare. Put 130 harpoons in it. Got worst loot I’ve ever seen. I had the second best score with 300k. SG has a limit on rewards but not how much a player can spend. Seriously?

I’m not convinced that is even a thing or even true? My last two Titan rewards, delivered 2 compass’, one orb and some fancy gloves. In my alliance am a mid to low tier member so it’s not like I did something special.

EDIT: they are always happy to take your money. :slightly_smiling_face: :-1:

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