What am I doing wrong?- Where are my Elemental chests?

Noted! I don’t consider myself a player who knows such intricacies, but I will keep this in mind the next time I feel I can help.

This one I really only stumbled upon because I once had an elemental chest and because curious if heroes counted. I was particularly interested because, if the answer was yes, I could pop open the chest by winning two raids (or at least killing the relevant hero in each) instead of waiting for more world energy.


Same color titans also tick the elemental chest when defeated.

I was looking for this today and remembered you had posted it recently. It took me a while to find it - thank you for this information!

One change I’d suggest: I did an elemental chest today and received loot tickets, in a slot between the last token and the emblems. I do have screen grabs, though from looking at other posts it appears this is standard. Seems it is actually THIRTEEN slots then.

Oops, loot tickets were supposed to be in there, but I was adding emblems in and must have erased it. Sorry, it should be:

  • Crafting Item (4*)
  • Ascension Material (3*+)
  • Ascension Material (3*+)
  • Battle Item (3*+)
  • Gems (20-50)
  • Token (Summons, ETT or EHT)
  • Token (Summons, ETT or EHT)
  • Token (Summons, ETT or EHT)
  • Loot Ticket (3-6)
  • Emblems (3-50)
  • Flask (World Energy, Raid or Titan)
  • Trainer Hero (1*+)
  • Atlantis Coin (3-30)

Edit: It was in my first version of this list above, but not in the one you’re referring to. This one would be the most accurate


I think that’s just you @Rook. The thing I usually do is skip the raid chest; yeah it takes longer to fill but the rewards are better than the 100 monster chest.

Also if you get an elemental chest instead of the raid one, you can fill it up alongside the 100 monster chest. So that’s a bonus thing too.

Usually I get 1 elemental chest once a month… that’s the average for me, not what will happen though. I got absolutely no elemental chests throughout November or December, but I got THREE in January (Dark, Red and Green!). I should clarify, I got three on separate occassions, not all at the same time; I don’t think the latter is possible… or at least I haven’t seen that happen.


This might seem like an exaggeration, but I assure you it is not. I’m hated in my line group because of the frequency of my elemental chests. I average one a week.

I force skip with gems every chance it’s available. Most recently, an anomaly occurrence of 4 days apart from the last.

Attached are some screens because I’m sure there is doubt. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of them when I changed my line ID and lost all previous posts

I’d like to add more information on the wiki about skipping chests.

  1. How much does it cost each time you skip a timer?
  2. How many times can you skip chests per day?
  3. Is the limit in question #2 per chest or total chests skipped?
  4. Does it matter which chest you skip?
  5. How do you fill so many chests? Does it involve buying flasks? Which of the two chests is cheapest to fill, if so?
  6. What’s your fastest, average, and slowest wait time between elementals?

The value of the elemental chest is huge. It’s easily the most reliable source of 3* and 4* ascension mats… but there is a cost. I appreciate your time in helping me gather these details. :slight_smile:

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I agree RandaP anothing thing that annoys me is that ever when i want to skip the wait time it doesnt let me all the time. Which i dont understand. And its been awhile since i got a chest too.

man you are lucky i skip as offen as i can and its been awhile since i had a special chest…any advice?

I have no advice, I skip monster chests exclusively. I avoid hero chest skip if at all possible with the exception of boredom or I’ve been revenged significantly that I will have little trouble to fill the hero box.

Perhaps that’s what I might do differently than others? Also, my skips might happen with more frequency than other because I’m litterally in the game all day as I suffer insomnia so it might get a 5 hour break or absence. Thus leading to catching the skip straight away often.

Depending on the status of the natural timer. The gem skips start at 20, however on occasions it abruptly begins at a lesser amount of 14 to 10 gems. But that’s seldom.

I’ve not kept track, but for you I can. What duration would you find appropriate for data collection, 7 days?

ok thanks for the insight.

  1. 20 gems to skip the full timer. It takes 12hrs for the chest to come back again, and it goes down by 1 gem as time passes (I think it’s every 40min or so?).

  2. It’s chance based for when an elemental chest appears, so I don’t think it matters which chest you skip.

In theory it’s faster to skip the monster chest because it’s quicker to fill up (quicker to fill = more chances to get elemental chests).

But as I said earlier, the raid chest usually has better rewards particularly if your arena is platinum or daimond where you’re much more likely to get ascension items.

  1. Cheapest to fill is the monster chest, easily. You will need a flask for the raid chest. You don’t need one for the monster chest if you start with full world energy.

  2. In my experience, I see an elemental averaging once a month. Which seems to line up with what others have said here.


Honestly, as someone with a lot of experience regarding the issue, even your guesstimates will be surprisingly accurate, I figure. Something’s better than nothing! :slight_smile:

I’d say… 4 or so elemental chests worth of tracking these things:

Date Monster Chests Raid Chests Total Chests Element

It won’t be perfect statistically speaking, but should be good enough to give us a good general idea of what one experiences if they skip every chest.

I generally get one once a month, too. …but I also don’t skip chests. That’s what has me intrigued, is just how cost effective skipping chests might truly be.

Hmmm…so some of us just have the odd bad algorithm, bad luck, whatever. Lol. I’ve been playing for about 6 months, I’ve received 3 elemental chests. I fill regular monster chest 2x a day, raids about once a day or so depending. There are others who do not pay to skip the wait time, and are getting them about every 3 weeks in my alliance.
I feel left out…lol.
But I get better mystic visions then they do…
Thanks for the super info on what to expect when I finally get another.
And Lady, yes, I’ve noticed they seem to occur for several people at a time, as have the hotm’s.

Well I only skip the raid chest when:
a) I wait until I’ve recovered all my raid flags, and
b) I’ve gotten raided a lot (which is usually the case for me) and have lots of revenges I can do

That’s a slow one to fill up because only a max of 6 flags before recharge = 30 heroes max. And the requirement for the chest is 40… so you’re gonna need a refill.

I think theoretically the odds are more in your favor if you skip the monster chest… I just don’t bother though, since it ends up costing more gems. And it’s not like I have time to between morning -> lunch -> evening during workdays. I usually end up filling it at least 2 times a day.

It’s all got to do with your schedule too.

@DaveCozy @CheTranqui
I think I can help you out here. I only skip raid chest timers, and I do so every time my raid flags are about to hit 6/6. Most days I fill two monster chests and three raid chests. (Occasionally only one monster chest, and also occasionally only two raid chests.) I get elemental chests on average three times per month, and that’s been pretty consistent since June, when I started keeping track. The largest number of normal chests I’ve had to fill between elemental chests has been 55, and the smallest was only 9 I think. (I’d have to check, and don’t feel like it right now, lol)
I’ll come back with more specific answers to your questions in a minute Che.


How much does it cost each time you skip a timer?

What Dave said is pretty much right. 20 gems when it first starts running, reducing by 1 every 40ish minutes. (It’s not exactly 40 minutes though. I know, for example, that it changes from 2 to 1 with exactly 54 minutes left on the timer.)

How many times can you skip chests per day?
Is the limit in question #2 per chest or total chests skipped?

You can skip up to three in a 24 hour period, starting from when you skip the first one. This is regardless of which type of chest timer you skip. (This, coupled with the fact that Diamond raid chests give really good loot, is why I only skip raid chest timers; the slow rate of raid flags provides a good timing/spacing pace.)

Does it matter which chest you skip?

No, I don’t believe so. I don’t think there’s a way to prove this though, without TONS more data than one person can collect.

How do you fill so many chests? Does it involve buying flasks? Which of the two chests is cheapest to fill, if so?

I rarely use flasks for filling normal chests. Maybe if I’m bored. I DO, however, use World Energy flasks when elemental chests do appear, both because I’m impatient to get the loot, and I want the timer to start running again ASAP.

What’s your fastest, average, and slowest wait time between elementals?

Stated in my comment above in terms of the # of chests, but in terms of days (since I began tracking), the shortest time was five days, and the longest was 13.


Oop, just realized I rehashed a lot of what you said. Oh well.

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