What am I doing wrong?- Where are my Elemental chests?

Ok, I hear about different types of chests. I’ve been playing since November and I have only had ONE non-monster chest. It was an elemental chest. Just ONE!

I do all my chests as they pop up. Is it because I’m not fast forwarding that I’m only getting the crappy 100 monsters chest?! There’s random, and then there’s just bull.

Don’t get me started on elemental summoning!


I seem to average one per month whether I skip chests or not… Wish they came up a bit more frequently as they have better prizes… Orb and compass from the holy I got today. Love elemental chests.

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Yeah, elementals are random, but you can increase the opportunities of receiving an elemental by skipping chests. I track all of my unfarmable mats, and all of my elementals. I thought I wasn’t receiving very many until I started keeping track and skipping wait times. Now, I get an elemental as early as every week, to as late as every third week. I skip wait times and fill two to five chests a day. I would suggest speeding up wait times if you’re looking for more elementals or mats, since it’s fairly cheap, and chances are you could fill three monsters and two raid chests a day if timed correctly.

Fill your monster chest in 1-8-7 until it’s full. Then, wait for your flags to hit max, skip the chest wait time, and do it again. (13-6 also works if you’re looking for 3* mats over recruits).

With raids, I’ll only skip that chest if I fill my first one fast enough, so that usually means only losing one raid per chest (at least for me). If you have to, you could start on a second raid chest. Then, finish it the next day, allowing you to complete another one later that day when your flags are full again.

However, if you do not want to skip your chests, then there’s nothing more you can do other than fill your chests as soon as they’re available, and continuing this process whenever they reset automatically (12 hours after opening your previous).

Back when I didn’t skip, I got an elemental every two to four weeks. Up to you how you want to proceed, but I’m a big proponent for skipping chest wait times. Especially when you have the flags to burn, you might as well get credit for it :blush:


Okay, everyone gets three regular chests:

  • Monster (fills w/ 100)
  • Raid (fills w/ 40)
  • Titan (fills w/ 5)

Every so often, whether you “speed” chests or not, you will get a differently colored elemental chest, which will appear in one of the above slots. No matter which slot it appears in, you need to kill 150 monsters of the same color to fill it, so a red chest needs red monsters, a green chest needs green monsters and so on.

I have noticed that when I regularly do my Monster and Titan chests but skip my raid chests, those elemental chests seem to take longer to appear. It might just be me, but that’s how it seems.

Good luck!


@ Rook That is how it seams to me also.


Hi @RandaPandah
Maybe I am a bit slow on the uptake here
What do you mean “fill your monster chest in 1-8-7”? When you say skip the chest time you mean spend the gems to do it?
I really am after 4 & 5 * mats so won’t bother asking what the 13-6 means lol.

I know I’m not Randah but to answer 1-8-7. Season 1 Province 8 and level 7. Hope that helps.


Cheers @anon89026910
I have been playing for approx 2 mths and have had only 1 elemental chest but I worked out that I should just go back to a Province and level that had max monsters of that colour - I thank you for helping me out with the ‘slang’ - :+1:

No problem at all @Sarge66

The data I’ve seen says that the average is about 1 elemental chest for every 33 regular you complete. So if you don’t fill raid chests, you’ll definitely slow things down on the elementals.


That’s good to know… Glad I dont skip raid chests… But I don’t speed them up either.

I always skip monsters but take raids as they come. Loot is a bit worse for a monster chest than for a platinum raid chest, but I can reliably fill a monster chest in 10 minutes. Cup dropping to fill raid chests is probably theoretically optimal for earning AM, but I enjoy actually having interesting raids too much to do that.


I’m in the same boat… Although I’m proud to say that I quit cup dropping and manage to stay in low to mid platinum over night now. :smile:


Good for you! Definitely something to be proud of.

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I always got the Feeling that the elemental chest appear rarely but today I got a purple one in my main account…well. No AMs above 2* but 40 gems…so I don’t care if I got them more often or not.

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I saw a post a while ago that quest completion affects elemental chest appearance. A few of us tried this in my alliance, and it seemed to have a positive affect, although certainly not statistically significant. Give it a try, see what you think. the worst you can do is burn a few flags


I’ve actually found myself getting more chests now that I no longer do every single quest. Probably because I’m able to fill my monster chest more frequently in the 3 flag zones, while not wasting them on higher flag levels. Personally, I honestly don’t think completing every quest has anything to do with elemental chests. Though, if it seems to work for you guys, that’s great :blush:

If you received a 2* or 1* mat from an elemental, then that’s a bug. They’re only supposed to give you 3* mats (including the farmable ones) and higher…


As someone who does not do raids (so my hero chest is never filled) and never pay gem to speed up monster chests, and always tries to fill Titan chests with my alliance. I tend to get an Elemental wanted Chest approximately every 12 - 15 days after the previous one gets filled. They tend to show up on the Monster Chest slot, but I’ve occasionally seen them on Hero or Titan Chest slots.

It’s all random, and I’ve been playing this way for as long as I could remember. There has been a time in the past where I don’t seem to see them for a long time in between, but that’s kind of what I have been noticing with the elemental chests as of late.

Ive been finding that as well

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