What alliance of guilds do you belong? NEW IDEA

LIst of guild proffesions below : // Current alliances become guilds. And guilds can form an alliance of any 5 guilds. Current wars would become guild wars. And once a month, there would be alliance wars (5 guilds vs 5 guilds).

ROLE OF GUILDS : getting exclusive quests, items and features which are unavailable to other kinds of guilds. Guilds score would affect rewards and higher challenging quests (like progressions of titans)


Knights : ( quests focus on defeating : thieves, bandits, mercenaries or saving imprisoned heroes, looking for holy grail, chance to set agreed friendly duels between 2 guild members, quests versus vampires of Morlovia… )

Builders : ( quests focus on building alliance hero portals, extra troop buildings and additional watchtowers (for mages to help locating hideouts and magical gem shards,…)

Mages : ( quests focus on solving mysterious puzzles/ riddles, locating hideouts of bad intentions guilds ( for knights to deal with), collecting magical gem shards (for miners to craft, quests versus Fables of grimforests…)


Mercenaries : (a chance of getting all versions of quests - except builder quests and forging items option ). They cant reach legendary exclusive quests but can get to epic exclusive quests of other guilds, but there is randomness what kind of quest comes next.

Miners : (quest focus on exploring deep mines, forging exclusive magical items and trading with other guilds, rare/epic and legendary forage iron quests, quests versus guardians of teltoc)

Hunters : ( quests focus on protecting rarest of animals/ defeating exclusive beasts, crafting exclusive items, finding special herbs, rare/epic and legendary forgage food quests, chance of recruiting 3* and 4* ranger/druid class heroes for free)


Bandits : (one of better starting options / quests focus on attacking caravans - extra food/iron, higher leves also 3* ascension items. Capturing travelling heroes during events - selling to one of guilds, attacking watchtowers and capturing their food/iron production for 1 day). Fastest progression. // idea is , that you can start as a bandit to progress fast, before joining other guilds or if you are f2p player and wish to build stronghold ASAP / speeding completion of build time costs food/iron - bandits exclusive. Negative side is, you joining other guild lowers their guild score a bit - so there is some reluctance in joining a bandit :slight_smile:

Thieves : quests focus on intercepting knights/mages/ miners/ hunters/ builders and stealing some of their ‘‘loot’’ during quest, building a thieves hideout, where they get unique quests - like wars with pirates of corellia, option to play few card games between members for small prizes, and chance to immedately sell stolen items for quick profit (coins for portals, small amount of gems, inflitrating strongholds,…

Assasins : quests focused on making specials items designed to deal extra dmg to titans/bosses, quests to defeat knights or mages for thieves or mercenaries, blackmailling captured heroes to get extra tokens, chance of recruiting 3 or 4* rogues heroes for free, defeat builders and capture their summoning portal for few tries, assasins vs assasins or thieves/ mercenary guild wars capturing gem prizes, quests versus Knights of avalon)

All guilds would include/make new items which would hold certain benefits for guild and are tradeable between alliances - but not current high prized items such as ascension items and gems…


  • it would give each alliance/guild more ‘‘personality’’/ difference between each other, approaches and high end goals/results - thus offering different playstyles and collective response of each guild member. // Currently, there is not much to strive for but get desired heroes and ascension mats for them… What is next? This I believe is the answer.

  • Features of each guild can be adapted for easier/ more appropriate E&P implementation. I just wanted to laid out an idea in the form I envisioned it and then it can get revisioned.

  • Trading would be made universal : you sell desired item for fixed ‘‘price’’. The item is then put on the market for all , from where you can buy with tokens before other does. Your alliance can only pick from the markets they have connections with - for example : if yuo dont have thieves guild, you cant access items from thieves hideout, same for builders/ hunters. Having mercenary guild in alliance gives you access to all items but not high end ones. But you can form ''trading alliance consisting of builder, merc, thieves and hunter guild and 1 extra free slot :wink:

  • All ideas presented here are not ‘‘bullettproof’’ - meaning they dont interfere with each other and all ideas connect harmonicaly. Like I said, I just laid out a basic idea of ‘‘system’’ on which SG team/ E&P can take direction in future and offer a lot more gaming years :slight_smile:

  • Certain heroes would get guild bonus to help break the meta and offer different approaches ‘’ assasins/thieves guild would give bonus to rogue class, knights to clerics and paladins, merc to fighters, etc,… // this is for when fielding to for offense or raid defense

Any comment is welcomed and hoped for :slight_smile:

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