What alliance can I get in?

Mostly looking for a competitive alliance that fights 10*s

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If it was me I’d try for Last Legion. Leader seems pretty cool and i got a friend there that won’t go anywhere else now

How can I contact the leader?

I just checked, they’re full. But i sent him the link to this thread to check ya out

If we were on 10*, I’d take ya. But we’re only on 8* ans haven’t even cracked top 100 yet. 4 months old and still haven’t done it, drivin me nuts lol

Appreciate it, thanks. And good luck to you and your alliance

Thanks. U too
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I just joined a new alliance with experienced players. Some of them were in a top 100 alliance before, but wanted to start something new.

I am totally happy there. Really nice and funny people. Very active and chatty, helpful and friendly. But because it’s a new alliance, we don’t have high titans yet. (that’s why some members are currently out helping other alliances, so you see not everyone present in the alliance). But I’m sure, we get to high titans very soon.
If you’re interested, you’ll find all infos in the linked thread above. You won’t regret it :wink:


What’s the highest titan you’ve fought…Your average hit ?
You got some excellent heroes, but not much depth, but huge potential…You’d be an excellent addition to many…
Hmm…Did you join an alliance yet ?

Highest I’ve fought is 10* onyx

My average hit is around 15-20k on every but yellow titans

And yes I’m in an alliance but it’s falling apart

We fight 8-9 stars

I hear ya…Our alliance is going places, fast… contact me on line: ‘wormwood9’ let’s chat…?

I am I’m Immortal Soulz, we are about 3 wks old and on 7&8* ATM, undefeated in AW and our goal is cracking Top 100. We have one spot open if UD like to come give it a go. Our leader is amazing @Image !!!

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Come check us out no pressure ,all we ask is u Attack titans battle in war so in other words come on an adventure with us and with your help we’ll make to the top!!! WE ARE THE IMMORTAL SOULZ!!!

Join us at Blood pack

We fight 8* and and just got smoked by a 9*. We are one short. We’ve lost one AW (the one over Easter where only 20 or so hit) but it was winnable if not for the holiday.

We are active, chatty, and continuing to grown our teams and titans fought.

Trem Tran is the name of the alliance.

Wolves of Winterfell, sister alliance to King of the North. New clan, but we’re growing very fast. Casual and chatty for now, but will be joining our main clan in the top 25 in the future. So far we’ve made it to 7* titan at 20 members. You can check us out in the game as it’s open invite. Stronger players can rotate into KotN.

We’ll have an opening soon in The Last Legion. I recommend downloading the LINE app, and add me (ID: grumolch) as a friend, and we can chat.

You should join Olympians. We have cake and everything…

If you participate everyday join us, Blood pack

Wolves of Winterfell, sister clan to top 25 King of the North. We’re at 20/30 and fighting 6/7* atm. A sense of humour helps and keeps things fun and fresh. Chatty bunch and we’re quite active. So far no one has had to be told to hit or fight in war.

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