What after hitting 4k team strength

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Question to one who have - once you’ve ascended the heroes you wanted and hit the elusive 4k team strength mark, what do you strive for? Is it the trophies? Another team perhaps? Once you’ve technically “beaten” the game, what more is there to aspire for? Usually, in a game, when you are the strongest, the definition is that you can beat everyone and (almost) no one can beat you. But in a game as fluid as EnP, the results are never discrete.
How would you continue to motivate yourselves to keep playing?

Huh? Getting to 4k is the end? I’ve never thought that in the slightest.

While I’m still a few 5* away from a 4k team, I just don’t see how it relates to “beating the game.”

Can you complete Season 1? Sure.
Can you kill 10* Titans? Maybe, but that depends on your alliance.
Will you be able to achieve Diamond rank? Easily.
But these are by no means the end of the game. We’ve got the constant goal of improving damage on Titans (even if still at 10*), monthly competition of Challenge Events, the challenge of raiding the leaderboards (and trying to stay on top), the competition of Alliance Wars…
All of these take a huge amount of Heroes, time and knowledge to achieve. Just like you said, new things are being added to the game and the goals for these high playing players adapt. It may get a little stale at the very top but I think just the competition between other top players, the relationships built with their peers, and these small goals keeps them going.


Some possible goals in-game:

  • Have x power team
  • Be x (say #1) on the leaderboard
  • …Beat the Events
  • …as #1
  • Start an alliance
  • Have alliance in top 100
  • …in top 10
  • Collect and level ALL reg heroes
  • …ALL Event Heroes
  • …ALL HOTM*
  • Complete all Provinces on the map (Season 1)
  • Level all buildings to 20
  • Collect all icons
  • Complete all Missions
  • Research all Forge Levels
  • Fill up all Battle items to x (say 100)
  • Other…

*The Devs have indicated that previous Heroes of the Month will be re-released in the future, so it may be possible to “catch ‘em all”

I have a number of goals on this list. But what keeps me tied to the game is me and my alliance mates have fun while hunting Titans, running Wars, doing Raids (brrr!) and encourage much silliness and enjoyment with each other. It’s not a goal to tick off a mental list, but hanging out with friends that keeps us coming back. :wink:


Adding to Rook’s list, Alliance Wars has added value to depth of bench. Fielding one 4K team is good—can you field six?

Also, there are titans. They’re really important for getting a steady stream of ascension materials. You want to have five great teams, one per color, to deploy against titans. Jackal and Falcon aren’t heroes I’d use on defense, but they’re superb against titans.


Alliance Wars adds to our fun. Definitely a good addition to the game. :wink:

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You can exceed the 4k elusive goal even with a full Leonidas-Elkanen-Thorne-Khagan-Thot amun team.

Is that beating the game?
Naaaah, not really.

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