What advantage in benching yellow.. when using purple.. tanks?

The idea of using a united tank colour is to use up the opponent team’s strong colour against the strong colour.

On the same principle I was wondering about dropping a colour from defence teams.

If using purple tanks, drop yellow.

If using green tanks, drop red. Not only will your opponent’s blue heroes not be able to face tanks other than green, they wont even have red heroes on flanks or wings in their sights.

You actually might want to encourage the opponent to use blue against green, or purple against purple.


Hi @Gerg … hope you and the alliance are well.
From experience I would say that yes it’s best for a competitive alliance to colour co-ordinate their war tanks. And a lot of alliances rotate Tank colour dependant on roster. Some alliance will go as far as colour coordinating flanks and/or wings.
What I will say from experience is that in the majority of cases it’s best to field a “rainbow” colour defence team for both Raids and War - to do otherwise will prompt someone to colour stack their offence against you in a “favourable” colour combination.
Good luck with your wars


Yes, but the whole point of unifying on tank colour is to put pressure on one colour of your opponent’s colour stacking.
If, say, your tank colour is purple, adding a second purple instead of a yellow will further stretch the opponent’s potential to colour stack against you.
It would also limit the potential usefulness for your opponent in their use of their own purple heroes.

When I’m attacking in war, I look for teams that have added a second hero that matches the unified tank color. I use my mono anti-tank teams against them. In the case of your example, I would run my mono yellow to take full advantage of being able to hit 2 of the defenders with extra damage and none of them with weak damage. I then select from the remaining rainbow teams based on what flanks I can best run mono against (using red, green, or blue in your example).

I would have run two or three yellow teams against a purple tank alliance even if none of them had double purples. The difference is that I have a higher success rate when I run them against the double purples so I love to see them in war and in raids!