What about this change to my Defence Team?

As i want to make some changes to my main defence for the raids, i would like your opinion on something. I send you the heroes i have and the team i use this period. I want to first mention that i never go under 1530 trophies with this team. My idea is to change Joon with Rana, and give her all the emblems from Joon… What is your opinion? As i send you my whole roster, can you please send me your ideas?

Thanks! :wink:

I mean yeah, I don’t think it’s possible to ever go down to 1500 trophies with 5*s :wink: Did you mean 2500 trophies?

I don’t think your team needs a change myself. It looks like you have your bases covered; two good snipers, solid fast damaging tank, supporting flanks to dispel and protect the team. And if you’re at 2500 trophies (i.e. in diamond) then you don’t really need to worry about anything.

If you do want Rana, then yeah she works on defense, but at average speed I would put her no further back than flank.

i mean 2530 trophies! :wink:
However, yes, if i put Rana to the team with emblems from Joon, she will be as a flank next to grave


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