What about some real-time raid duels? / Live PVP Raids [MASTER]

I was wondering, would it be possible for 2 players to duel in real time. I was thinking of something like raids but with 2 players in real time and they’ll share the same board so you’ll have to move tiles wisely.
What do you think of it ?


Something like bluethooth connected?

Will be fun !

I’ve thought about this idea, too. It’s really very different than the current game and would require very different strategies. Currently one builds up boards selectively to get great combos—if instead we had the same board (flipping gravity, as it were, so gems always slide away from the player, rather than rotating the board itself every turn) the goal would be to set up bad boards.

Given how lean the SG team is, I can’t imagine that this dueling is something we’ll see anytime soon.

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I think it would be really cool if you could invite players ti a deul (or raid if you will). Obviously both players would have to be online. It could be accessed by clicking their avatar. It would be a good way to test defence teams, and it would be fun for alliances.

The idea of having some sort of live dueling has come up before as something people are interested in.

This seems to be the master idea that first proposed live duels:

This idea proposed that live duels be implemented as a separate arena to avoid issues with making existing combat options “live”.

I’d advise that you go to the master idea and vote/comment on that so as to best concentrate support for this proposal in one place.

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The best was I could figure it out is it would be similar to raids. Each has their own board only visible to them. Mana would come strictly from tiles. The veiw would be the same as raids, but which ever color tile was used to attack could be represented by the cooresponding hero attacking.

I am writing quickly as I don’t have too much time for now and I don’t wanna forget my idea :stuck_out_tongue: . I don’t know if this has been discussed before. I was being a bit frustrated about the fact that usually the difference between losing or winning a raid is all about luck , and skill and experience are rarely taken into consideration… So I was trying to find a way to make raids a bit less dull and think I have a solution. Make a feature that would allow players to participate in the raid in real time. Players should tick a box making themselves available for the upcoming raids, then the engine would automatically search for other online players with whom they may tackle. The reroll button is still available, the matching would be made based on trophies, just like how it is right now and you would be able to see who you’re going against… potentially. I say potentially because while the matching is being made the players get to choose 5 heroes but they would not be able to see the other player’s heroes until the game starts. This basically adds in a big factor of not not knowing what lies ahead, forcing you to have to make use of what you have, which will make the difference between skill and luck. Both opponents would get the same starting boards, which then will be changed based on the players decissions. It will be your fault if you end up with a bad board after a few moves. The heroes mana will be replenished only when the tiles hit. The other raid rules apply. The extra damage is still there when the game takes too long, in order to rule out being stuck in a neverending raid. Nthe matching would be based on the usual team power used in raids, wars, titans and map stages, in order to rule out the possibility that when you reroll you will see a weak defensive team, making you think that is the best that player can use, when instead the player is just trying to hide his actual options. Normal raids like we have it now would still be available, but if you decide to have some fun and actually make use of the experience you required playing this game, you would have that extra option to tick the real time raid box and get ready for the ride. I don’t know… there are still a few things to consider in order to make this a valid option. What do you guys think? Feel free to change or add any ideas.

And it will basically be turn based… just like it is right now. It would feel like a game of chess.

Maybe link this one as well.

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Would nice to have a P vs P option.

Both players must be on. It is not you vs their preset defense team.

You then ‘challenge’ the other player (might need a search function) and if they are around they accept or decline.

If accept you both choose your teams … without seeing who the opponent chooses… so you need a good alrounder?

Board can still look the same but the tiles now go up AND down… so if you leave a diamond on the board it will probably get used by opponent against you… makes for different approaches to fighting.

Will probably need a 5sec move timer or something in case connections are lost or something.

Nice for alliance members to test teams against each other. And just keep things interesting as fighting the game AI can get tedious after a while.


Just want to bump this one as i feel Player vs AI does get tedious after a while. And to be able to fight againt a person, not their teams AI would be huge. Would never get old.

I’d like a feature like this. But it seems like game as is would need a pretty big overhaul to accommodate it. We already have bugs and server issues as is. I think this type of feature would multiply it by a 100. You’ve seen how rocky alliance wars have been since release and i think that’s less technical than what you’re asking here

Get what u saying. But the danger is letting the game stagnate. And i am not talking about heroes and events and new seasonal events. I mean the basic playability of the game.

When u go into a fight u know already from the tiles if you stand a chance or not. At least if you fighting a person the dynamic changes. How u play changes. Way more interesting.

Sure they can afford to higher a coder or two to fix the potential bugs

True gameplay is becoming a bit stale is a popular opinion. I see an ideal way the game could be but i dont see a realistic one. Game has over 5 million downloads. Would be pretty hard to have that much player 2 player coordination worldwide over mobile networks

Sorry, but I can’t see how that would work… Strategy and tactics are out of the question if you don’t know what the enemy brings to the battlefield. This kind of engagement would be limited to who’s got the stronger heroes and better battle items (if allowed). In such combat mode a 4* team would never be able to take on a 5* one. I vote against it.

I used to play a sniper game which had a live pvp option. Was best thing about the game tbh

The same way the calculate matchups for war would apply. Each player has a score based on top 5 heroes and strongest troops. The when you choose to fight someone it would do a quick lookup (like when u raid and click ‘find opponent’). See if person is live ( like when revenging and person is online) and then ‘asking’ them if they wanna fight.
So the basics for matchups are already there. Just need to be repurposed

The strategy comes in having an all round team. Not designed for specific colors.
Also choosing which tiles to use is very strategic so as not to leave great options for opponent

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