What about guardian owl. I'm confused. How does he rate

I understand Guardian owl has been reconfigured. But i’m confused.

In top 5 tanks topic i see someone rating him 1st tank

In Anchor i see D.

Some people here say MEH.

Is he worth working up and are most meanings before the reconfiguration? Please help me (and maybe other people) out. Since being a special i can’t imagine he should be that bad… :slight_smile:

He is not a good tank at all, cause:

A) he is really too slow and don’t have good secondary skills

B) he can use his max power when others are dead (and if he do the tank, the others are probably still alive)


He’s terrible as tank, and not good in general.

I love @Kerridoc but there was no qualification on that list she posted… just a metric based on defensive stats and that’s not what makes a tank good or even great.

Yup, @VFROOD appereantly got confused about that.
Like said, the kerridocs list was only about the defensive stats. Owl has good stats, but stats are not everything (as I think kerri mentioned when he posted the list).

Hey, (a) I did include a clear disclaimer that I was not assessing usefulness of specials, that I was just doing some math, and (b) I’m male.


Mea culpa twice then!

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I got G.Owl and I’m seriously considering feeding his butt to one of my other heroes…

Now that would be poor judgement IMO. A 5* isn’t really worth much as a feeder, and a spot on your roster isn’t really that expensive. Just hold him; you never know when he”ll get a buff to salvage him from well-deserved obscurity.


Never eat a 4* or 5* hero unless you’ve got just waaayy too many. I keep 2 of each. Early in the game I fed my Boldtusk some other 4* reds that I just thought weren’t good (I only looked at stats) and regretted it the next week.

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I think she did a good job with her posting @Kerridoc good job

Yeah, all hail Kerridoc, Queen of E&P

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For the record, I’m male. But thanks!

I really want to like Guardian Owl, but he’s just so painfully slow. If E&P tweaks his speed, he could be a lot of fun.

Also, if they ever allow for different defensive configurations, he could be viable. A configuration that put two tanks up front and three defenders in the back–as opposed to the 3-2-1 formation they allow now–could make Owl much more interesting, as attackers could be tempted to take out the faster tank and take their chances that they can kill Owl before he goes off; but if their timing is off, Owl can really do a lot of damage. Another great strategy for Owl could be, if we were able to run one (initially unassailable) defender in the back, two on the far flanks, and two tanks up front in the middle, hiding Owl in that back slot could make him really interesting, too.

I’d love to see E&P allow for variations in formatting, and I’ve posted about in the suggestions forum before, but outside of that or some further tinkering with Owl’s abilities, no. He’s not worth leveling.

But don’t feed him. You never know what may change in the future.

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Just take the crown jewels and run! :wink:

Sorry everyone kept referring to you as female didn’t know. My apologies @Kerridoc

I thought they were teasing him. :wink:

Here you are. I created a thread weeks ago about this Hero.
We can make some pressure and maybe the S&G staff think about it.