What about Eloise?

How does Lewena get buffed to fast while Eloise remains average. Eloise is riding the bench in protest of this travesty of a change. Please have some compassion SG devs


I think they should double the damage of Eloise to keep up with Lewena… For now I am going to hold off on pulling in COK and you should too! The Raven class heroes are still too weak and not worth pulling for.

But then this will make Topaz weak since Topaz is like a better Eloise.
Which means we should just start the “Buff Topaz thread” now to save SG time.


Yeahhh you not pulling in AQ is not going to help since you already have 5 of each hahah


You should. This unbalance should not be allowed to continue. I may have to quit if i cant keep up with my p2P roster. I might just switch to candy crush


Eloise now is probably the weakest hero from this portal.


Someone has to be weakest. But, there is not such a thing as a weak hero in that portal

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More like what about Esme? She was released with Wolves, is considered the worst and still no love for her … :broken_heart:


esme and eloise has similar problem that their third effect is conditional with their first effect

esme is worst because there are many 5* blue healers already with great general utility that her niche isn’t worth it and she doesn’t do anything extra (kiril is a better healer with his utility)

eloise at least has high damage to all she can be good without enemy minions because yellows who hit all enemies are rare


Balance updates are not made based on hero power. It’s about hero usage and profit.


I don’t think someone has to be the weakest. Take the Mage Tower. Every mage has its niche and all of them are extremely useful. You won’t be disappointed after pulling any hero from that portal. They are all strong and desirable heroes.

That being said, Eloise hits hard. I’ll give her that. But her minion prevention ailment at only 4 turns is useless most of that times. As all of the pure damage dealers, she’s guaranteed to age badly with all this powercreep.

See, Grimble gains mana based on the ammount of minions removed, so he being average is not bad, because it pays off to wait until summoners fire 2 or 3 times and you get a match changing mana boost. His damage is quite low, but you won’t bring him to a fight for his damage. Grimble is a 2019 HOTM and he’s aging beautifully.

Eloise on the other hand, will remove minions, and if she’s able to remove them, she will also prevent new minions on that hero for 4 turns. In practice ,from what I tested myself, since you just removed all minions from the opposing team and summoners will likely have an somewhat emptied mana bar, at lot of times, 4 turns are not going be enough for them to fire again, so that ailment goes wasted.

Imo there’s 2 ways of fixing Eloise without changing her too much:

  1. make her give the ailment regardless of having removed minions prior. She now can prevent minions before they are summoned. Hell, make her prevent new minions for only 3 or even 2 turns. Now you can time her to prevent stronger and game changing minions like Hulda’s, LotL’s, QoH’s and the like.
  2. Make her ailment last for 6 turns. Now 6 turns will be more than enough to shut down a slow summoner if you throw tiles at them. It will make her more useful as a minion counter, because she will likely prevent more than 1 special.

The idea of the clash of the clans heroes is that their ailment / buff are game changing if not cleansed / dispelled. Then you bring more than 1 hero from the family for a chance of them becoming uncleansable / undispelled. 4 turns in this case is far from gamechanging. You could just wait until they wear off by them own without consequence if you’re defending and you won’t be able exploit them if you’re attacking.

Both Esme and Eloise suffer of the same evil. If both prevented fiends / minions unconditionally or conditionally for 6 turns instead of 4, they would be much more viable.


Or just give her a passive: prevents summoning of minions for the entire battle. Would that make her somewhat better?

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Bera, a S3 hero, is essentially preventing minions for the entirety of the battle at fast speed, so I don’t really get the irony.

Preventing new minions (or fiends in the case of Esme) for a small ammount of turns wouldn’t be overpowered.


Look, I understand it’s kinda frustrating to own only the weakest hero from the given portal. I have Exeera. And Eloise is at least twice the hero Exeera is. Don’t complain about the things that should not be complained for

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Didn’t you just pull Elizabeth? So, technically you don’t only own the weakest hero from that portal any longer. :joy:

If you’re going to complain about Eloise, why not buff Grimble before Eloise since he’s been around longer? He’s average, does way less damage than Eloise, and his small mana gain is also dependent on there being minions to kill.

I had Fogg before Exeera too :grin:
Still, would like to see Exeera fixed a bit. Nothing too crazy.
Eloise stands much better in the current meta and does not need the buff on a basis that other heroes are stronger in that portal

Hah! Solid hero for sure. I agree that Exeera is an absolute tragedy for a 5*. I have her as well and only reason why I didn’t throw her to the SE was because I had way too many S1 5*s waiting to be thrown out.
I don’t understand why people are complaining about Eloise. She’s actually really good and fits the summoner meta that is happening right now. Sure, she could be better, but there are dozens of other heroes that should be prioritized over her. She may be the “weakest” from that portal, but she’s definitely well above average compared to many other heroes.

Just compare rayne to Exeera. Rayne hits for 450% and poisons for 1300. And that poison goes to at least one other opponent. So that’s around 3000 to 4000 damage at least. Exeera does around 4000 at her best and it’s easy preventable and cleansable

I also own Jade, Salmon Loki, Lady Loki, Quartz, 3 x Guardian Owls, Russula, Theobald, Baldur, Norns, Perseus (got him from the tavern portal and not from back when he was hotm) and Morgan Le Fay. A lot of heroes considered “underdogs” in their respective portals.

But I also got Wolfgang fully emblemed and lbroken (yellow average hit all hero) from the clans portal and several other rockstars from the other portals, like Garnet, Ruby, Milena, Motega, Diaochan, Elizabeth and Heimdall.

It’s not like I’m whining on my own interest. Eloise is making a zero difference in my roster and even if she was buffed, she would still be a somethat niche hero I would only bring in few type of matches.

I was just stating an opinion based on my personal testing.

Well, Theobald got buffed and is pretty good now. Many others you mentioned are good heroes. There can not exist a meta where every hero is equally valuable. I got Elizabeth yesterday and while she is a great hero, Hulda is much better. Why Elizabeth is not as strong as Hulda? Her base stats are weaker and so on. So, why don’t buff her too? Same analogy with your comment on Eloise and Lewena who is great but not broken as Hulda is, and comparing their secondaries of specials, Lewena is more useleless