What about construction part of the game?

Hello All
Since a lot of players have now their building to level max 20, the construction part of the game has disappeared
It would be nice to have maybe a second castle with new type of building and new space where to build or to be able to level up the existing buildings to level 30.
Anyway do something because with the end of story and now the end of building part it s going to be boring

And the VIP double builder loses any value, which will reduce interest in maintaining VIP status after the buildings are maxed.

In VIP, you get loot tickets and 900 gems a month, besides an extra daily summon.

For the same price, you can get 400 gems.

VIP is still worth it, even if you have all your buildings at 20.

Still, it does reduce the benefit being paid for, which might bother some people. Something to do with the stronghold and builders after it’s maxed out would help with that discontent, even if it’s only cosmetic with no direct game benefit.
Banners for the walls maybe? Fancier decorations on some of the buildings?

It would be nice if the second builder could be used to construct items. This could be done out of the stronghold with a chance, of course, of coveted AM.