What about all these additional 4*s?

Too many times too many players summon additional 4s. Imho it is fair enough that a player can change all these 4 cards that are not needed (just keeping costly roster places.) to smth more valuable eg. 5x4s= 1x5 at SoulExchange or at least 1 extra event summon per 5x4*cards. What do you think?

:thinking: I dunno… I mean, I’m all for getting a chance to get more 5* heroes but at the moment I just treat duplicate 4* heroes the same as I treat duplicate 3* heroes. They become feeders. Not sure this idea would be implemented but I might not say no if it was…

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A lot of these new 4* heroes are extremely powerful. I have actually chose to max some of these new 4* over 5* options that I have. 4* heroes are cheaper to max, emblem, and LB if they are worth it. If I were to start a new account right now, not sure I would waste time maxing many 5* and just emblem and LB all the 4* i got.

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who are the 4* you are referring to ?

If 5* costs at least 10 other 5* in Soul exchange, there is no chance you’ll get 5* for four or five 4*.

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I like the concept, though I do agree that SG would probably greatly increase the cost if they ever implemented it!

4* = 4 star card. 5* = 5 star card

Accepted but amends should be given for all those additional 4* cards.
Even 10x4s to count for one 5 is smth (better than nothing…)