What About Alfrike?

But with that logik, they nerphed Spoopy Tree based on their ‘metrics’ as he was overperforming in 3* rush tournament.
And that is probably 1% of the game….

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I have stopped playing at top level for the very reason that it is monotonous. Alliances like 7DD and TK just suck the fun out of wars by posting 30 of the same defences. Doesn’t matter what tank is good or not.
I am now playing in a casual alliance so I can enjoy more er…. Metagame diversity and use all those heroes like snow poop and salmon loki i would never use in top level wars.


that’s a big hit…!

I thought it was deeply respectful that you were chosen first for the interviews:

And have always enjoyed your sense of humor.
I get it!

On the other hand, however…
Congratulations on stepping towards something more meaningful and productive!

I would like to point out that your war streams are WAY more fun to watch because of this. I try to power through some war hit videos, because I think the views help them, and maybe there is a nugget of wisdom to be learned. But people use the exact same teams every time, and it is so boring after the first time. I generally just let it play in the background.
Your streams are fun.
On another note, where is your stream?

To reply to your actual post, I think they have painted themselves too far into a corner to nerf Alfrike.

Speed is the thing that was the most consistent in killing xnol, and it’s never a bad thing to have fast and VF heroes leveled, they will always be useful. No whale will complain about his 6 leveled Ruby’s.

But in allowing her to rein so long, it has allowed time for people to level heroes strictly as counters. A nerf to Alfrike would probably be the most triggering of all at this point. For all the rage quits VF Alfrike’s have caused, a nerf would probably cause more.


No, they nerfed the tree because people were successfully using him where they expected people to use 5* heroes. Same with Ferant, Azmia, and any other that didn’t belong in that bracket.

In all honesty, how many of those alliances are there? Sure, many have Alfrike and Xnol, and can put together a solid team, but to have the exact same defense on nearly every single player’s defense….how many are actually there? Does it even come close to 100?

I have recorded my hits today and will upload later.
Today has been a bit of a car crash for me since I am on call and had a very very sick patient. I had to flee my last war hit today as well as I was called in…

Sigh, I wish people would read the posts above before just posting. I made the point that SG made the decision to nerf Xnol and nerf W3K based on a very very very small micro population of players that reside in the top 5 alliances, because those alliances post the same defences for every war and this is warping their metrics…


I’ve read the posts. My question was specific to how many of these alliances are actually out there that would cause SG to nerf Xnol simply for that reason. If it’s 5, 150 people and their alt accounts warping their metrics would be kind of silly. It makes more sense that it’s everyone and their mama that has Xnol were using him as tank…and that’s a ton of people. Also ignoring the fact that many people outside of top alliances have crazy good rosters and were using the same heroes is silly. Roster depth isn’t a perk of a top 5 alliance player, but simply of one who decides to dump a ton of money into this game.

Definitely had nothing to do with him being everywhere in the game and used by everyone that has him in 90%+ of the content. Only the top handful of alliances factored into it and the rest of the 99.99% player base had no effect on their decision. But yes, Alfrike saturating about 5% of the game’s content is the same as 95% Xnol held on to. :thinking:

Why did they do it:

Because what a random player said
Because what SG said

Probably they are waiting for C2 Quintus to nerf Alfrike :smiley:


What SG said…which is also what I (the random player) said….95% of game content being saturated by Xnol.

Emphasis on the “in most (if not all) game modes”…aka saturation.

But then again, Pompi running in circles and contradicting himself.

Likely, haha!
At which point a nerf may be unnecessary!
All very slow will get another stealth nerf just by releasing him in his current state.

We’ll see.
3 years later… after the longest running content saturation in the game’s history

who cares about a lady you only see every 2 months for the rush wars or in a 5* rush tournament every (insert here a long period of time)?

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The solution to rush wars is simple.
Everyone gets made + 34% mana gen.
Very fast activate 5 tiles, fast become very fast, and so on.

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I am just assuming that alfrike will be in the next SE and then they will nerf her straight after that ( or get rid of rush wars). Either way it will give the devs another laugh at our expense.

The reason I saw 5 out 30 Alfrikes on war defense even in Rush is the same reason I’ve never seen 30 out of 30 or even close.

I’ve never been in that big an alliance, nor have I faced one that big. I’m not saying this isn’t a problem at some level of spending, I’m just saying it’s also not terribly accurate to say “ALL RUSH WARS FOR ALL ALLIANCES ARE ALL ALFRIKE.”

(If anything, I would argue that the problem is greater in tourneys, where anyone who does well enough in 5* Rush tourneys is likely to eventually run into Alfrikes, than in wars, where most alliances can’t go that Alfrike-heavy even if they thought she was still the Absolute Best Rush Tank Evar.)

The problem here to my mind is the nature of Rush wars/tourneys themselves, as many, many people have said before me. Let’s say we ignore the problematic nature of Rush wars (and tourneys) and go ahead and nerf Alfrike with no other changes.

Welp, guess who’s still on every team ever! Khufu, Mother North, Ludwig, maybe Kalo, maybe Goseck or Arco.

Meanwhile, we’ve been arguing about a hero who apparently-dominates-for-defenders-who-are-not-me, but only in Rush formats, and ignoring the avalanche of newer heroes who are increasingly overbearing everything all parts of the game.

Nerfing Xylophone was not only because he showed up pretty much everywhere in all formats and events where he could be used, but because he made so many problematic slower heroes outright more OP. Nerfing Alfrike would just mean some other “destroy your whole team in Rush format” hero would become the new standard and nothing much would actually change.

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The new Cleric Superior Manashield is a counter to Alfrike right?

Yes, it is, but only 60% chance :slight_smile:

Enough milking, and then they will bring “Fresh Air” by nerfing this poor lady.