What about a Self Trade?

What do you think about an Own Trading House where you could exchange your 9.9999E+99 :smile: “something” into the ONE piece of “wanted thing” has been waiting for a year :smile: already?
I even would accept using gems too.
It could be OK for crafting items too, like 10 arrows against one ax, etc.
100 backpacks to 10 training swords.
??? for one sturdy shield or mysterious tonic…
Or a horse for a kingdom like III. Richard wanted to have it. :slight_smile:

Yeah this exists in the game…it’s called the Alchemy lab…

…unfortunately the fresh, pure and useful thoughts (ingredients if you will) you’ve mentioned were compressed into an easy bake oven, ran over by a tractor, dropped in sewage, fished out with dirty underwear and slammed down on a broken platter for your consumption…for the price of a meal at a 3 star Michelin restaurant

…you could use it…but it’s not helpful and the cost isn’t worth it.

Edit: Many of us are embittered about how catastrophically bad the implementation of this was so sorry your first post was met with such vitriol.


Couldn’t have worded it better myself lol


As @voidstrike has (colorfully) pointed out, this idea would seem to be largely indistinguishable from the Alchemy Lab already implemented in the game.

Based on that, I’ll close this as already implemented, and direct any further discussion to these threads:

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