What About A Bank As A New Building?

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I think the game is under constant development.

I suggest a new building, calling “bank”.

The player could define to collect X% of his incomes (ham, iron, even heroes, troops, emblems, battle items, maybe others) automatically in the bank.
I mean, you could better collect resources for big upgrades or challenges with this function, while you could do the “daily” building/hero/troop/etc. upgrade undisturbed.
Even trainer heroes/troops/emblems/etc. could be collected for a planned greater upgrade.
Automatically would mean like “10% of…” or “every fifth dark”, etc.
Direct debits would be possible, too.

This new building (what about having this as a part of the “static” Stronghold castle???) would enable applying new tactics and strategies, while giving more fun for every player.

Let’s trade 2M food and 2M iron for about 30 gems? That was sweet. :slight_smile:


As long as the base is expanded to accommodate, I vote yes! If it means building over the last forge, I grumble curse words toward the devs for not doing what is overdue.

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Content with the idea to introduce new buildings and a “Bank” sounds just about right.
However, as already said, I would want the home base expanded rather than convert another building

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I like the idea of giving the Stronghold something meaningful to do.

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I like the idea, I also suggest providing other financial products, like let’s say savings account (so you put feeders and trainers and get an “interest”), same with 30 and 90 days deposits. They could even put some “stocks” options where you buy and hope to sell when they are higher. Of course their price would be RNG-based but an increasing mean (so should increase let’s say 10% per year but have ups and downs so you actually have to be smart and try to sell high and buy low)

I think it shall be a new building not an existing, to convert.
My idea (this could fit to other new buildings too) to use the Stronghold castle itself. A tower could be a “bank” (treasure chamber) the other tower something else and other parts of the static (!) Stronghold too.
It could be possible we open a gate and enter the castle, displaying a new area with new functions…
Btw. I suggested already a Trade Building, which is not the Alchemy Lab, where 1*/2*/3*/… items could be exchanged to some missing/wanted 1*/2*/3*/… items. This could be implemented into the Stronghold castle too.

Materials traded and sold to centralized bank and optional player to player trades. Possible bank and market buildings added and with those buildings comes a link to a central admin run bank and market to sell materials, items or any other possible resources as it seems the use and need for food and recruits outweighs any other resources by a large amount. At least in my experience so far. Thoughts?

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