What a waste of a titan flag!


Quick!!! Pop a flask before it escapes!!


Still will be counted as a titan you killed :smile:

I didn’t have to burn the flag to kill it lol.

Well I would like to join just to kill a 11☆ titan haha

Hit it for that lol.


What a waste of a Titan flag. I posted I was going in with two flags to hit the Titan. (No one had hit it for 20 minutes). I got it down to 23k. Checked comments. Then I went in with second flag and got ONLY 69 points for the kill because someone else jumped in for more points or maybe he wanted the kill. I doubt he checked chat since we are supposed to hit Titan first when we sign on.
Idk. I just know if I had known he was playing then I would have not have wasted my second flag.
I just missed a B rating but still got really good loot.
It would be nice if only one player at time could fight if Titan was under 100k. OR if there was an indicator showing another player was currently fighting.

not really. almost 12 hours till next one appears - you will be sitting at 3/3 anyway when it shows up.

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