What a mess I got

I need some suggestions as to what team set up I should be using, I know most of my heroes are still very underpowered,but I have spent some time grinding to level up a few of the ones I started with. Should I finish those off first then start the getting on the other ones, or go with a new team set up and start leveling those right away. I will consider any suggestions as I am still learning the game.Screenshot_2018-12-06-15-40-40

Lvl the 4*. Good thing is that’s an easy choice for you since you mostly have one of each color. And lvl kashrekk over skittleskull for now.

Hello, and welcome to E&P.

Your “mess” is full of goodies. But walk before you run.

I’d suggest a focus first on getting a core 3* team assembled, though cobbling in a few of the 4* you’ve begun:

  1. Boldtusk (3/60)
  2. Bane
  3. Balthazar
  4. Sonya (3/60)
  5. Skittleskull (3/60)

That gives you a rainbow team with Boldtusk doubling double duty as healer and attack buffer, three snipers and an Area of Effect (AoE) attacker. Boldtusk is also perfectly serviceable as a tank for your defense team.

I’d then work a second rainbow:

  1. Kelile
  2. Hu Tao
  3. Tibertus (3/60)
  4. Gunnar
  5. Kashhrek (3/60)

Boldtusk, Sonya, Tibertus, and Kashhrek should go to 4/70 when you get the mats. Hold off final ascent for Hu Tao, as he’s subpar to any other 4* yellow.

This will keep you busy for a while! Work on getting TC20 running, which will be a reliable source of 4* (plus the occasional bonus 5*) – don’t level up all your buildings, just focus on the farms, mines, and stronghold, keeping one forge level with the SH. Bring your TCs to 4 and then to 11; advance storage when needed to accomplish the next SH build (iron) or Forge research (food).

Find a good alliance. Check back in in a few months!


I agree, Kashrek is good for tank position only, he is a garbage attacker. Level Tibertus immediately, he will help your attack, titans, events and defense far more than Balthazar. You have a rainbow team to level - Boldtusk, Sonya, Tibertus, Hu Tao and Skittleskull. After that I would level Kellile and Kashrek if you haven’t pulled more heroes. Kashrek is the best 4 star tank.

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I agree about Tibertus; I only suggested finishing Balthazar because he’s so close to being done. Ditto Bane.

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Ok sounds good, also I was told never to get rid of brienne that she was awesome but in this last thread nobody had said anything about her

Don’t get rid of her, but she’s not a priority because of Boldtusk. Brienne brings an awesomeness to the offense, but is slow mana and does nothing but buff the attack. Boldtusk doesn’t buff as much, but heals, is average mana, and is much tougher to kill.

As a general matter, I never eat heroes I’ve ascended or a unique copy of a hero. Yes, that does mean my bench is littered with weird heroes like Vlad that will never see a feeder, but “gotta get’m all”.


Thank you for the advice

@Kerridoc advice was the best, nothing to add.

Aldo, we have spots open in our alliance, you will be more than welcome if you want to enter.

Great, now I won’t feel bad for having Vlad on 1/1 any more!!!

Personally, I’d put all my Red, Yellow, and Green feeders into Boldtusk for now, feed the Blues to Sonya, and Purples to Tibs. You will never use the others past different certain points. Don’t worry about a rainbow team this early. You will always use those three heroes. If you get them maxed (or maxed @ 3/60 waiting on mats), then you can start on Kash, Kelile, and other 4*s if you haven’t gotten better ones by then. I would have said to do Kash for his tank uses, but BT is almost as good a tank as Kash. By the time you have those first three done, you may well have better options to work on.

Yeah, I know you will be foregoing the 20% same color bonus, but why waste feeders on heroes that don’t serve a meaningful purpose other than being short term placeholders.

I am back to preach the gospel of matched-color training. Matched-color training:

  • Gives 20% experience bonus on every feeder
  • Gets specials up faster, with more assurance of maxing specials before maxing levels
  • Is the fastest way of getting a whole team ready

Personally, I only do cross-color training when I have

  • A solid team available to compete and
  • A card that will greatly transform my success

@cain308 needs a more developed team across the board – there’s not a single maxed hero on his/her bench. Boldtusk can’t win battles by himself.


Brienne and BT have the same mana speed— average not slow

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Just a word from sad experience…………don’t start feeding all your 3* heroes to your 4* once you start getting more of them…I didn’t realize that and failed to save any, only to discover you need them for certain event levels that you can only use your 3*. I try to keep one levelled 3* of each, feed any duplicates. I also fed several higher level troops, thinking I only needed one of each color…then realized color stacking requires a troop per hero! I wish I would have found out about the player guides and Copperski’s compendium when I first started! Good luck nd enjoy the game


I pulled that little blood sucker too, he will forever stay at 1/1, Layla is a better hero but hey at least I can say I have an event hero.

I pulled Santa, Buddy and Rudolph, now I am thinking Vlad is taking a valuable spot, but yes, being an event hero is preventing me from feeding him to someone else… :laughing:

I’m a hopeless collector. I never throw away a unique card. Who knows, perhaps the devs will change something around that makes a previously useless hero great?

At this stage of the game, I’d focus on a few of the 4* and really try to finish the 3*. I suspect that ascension items are at a premium for you, so taking the 4* to their max might not happen yet.

Let’s go by color.

Red: Boldtusk is one of the best red 4*, if not the best. Plus you’ve already got him to his third ascension. Great work! Keep working on him and put him in the center (tank) position. If you end up in a wall and can’t get the Hidden Blades to take him the the 4th ascension, then start working on Azar.

Blue: Sonya is another excellent blue 4*. Keep working on her. Gunnar is a great blue 3*, so once you push Sonya as far as you can, start building Gunnar.

Yellow: Bane is the best yellow 3*, hands down. Max him. After you finish (you’re almost there), start working on HuTao, who’s ok.

Purple: Balthazar is probably the best purple 3*. Again, you’re almost done, so finish him and then start working on Tibs.

Green: Here’s where you’ve got a choice to make. Belith is a great 3* healer and you don’t have any other healers besides Boldtusk. I’d finish her. You could make an argument for Kashrek, who’s a limited healing 4* and a great mid-level tank, but Boldtusk is already further along and is also going to be your tank. Skittleskull isn’t great, but can be effective in the early stages.

I would finish Belith, then start working on Skittleskull and take her to 3/60 (don’t spend the shields on her). If you still don’t have any better greens after that, start working on Kashrek.

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I used to think that too but he’s actually a pretty good attacker in a green stack. He’s removed melendor from my raid teams because he’s much sturdier. His attack stat is lower and he only heals three, but I don’t notice much of a difference in the lower attack stat while he’s stacked with 2 other greens. The fact he doesn’t die so easily means he gets to heal much more reliably, I use him next to either a Rigard, Boldtusk, or Kiril depending on what my second color is. My team stays alive much more efficiently than when I relied on melendor as my green healer. Kashrek’s +defense against fire is good when red heroes on defense fire specials as well. Don’t miss melendor’s dispel either, because of Caedmon. Melendor is only used for war depth now.


BTW go ahead and feed Dawa to whoever you want. She is a useless 3* hero lol. Every other holy 3* and 4* is a better choice than her.


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