What 5* heroes need their mana speed adjusted the most?

I think Ludwig needs to be VS. MN also VS. Pengi average. Exeera fast. What do you think?


I think you’re right about Ludwig and Pengi.
Ludwig’s mana boost to allies is just crazy if he goes off and it gives you almost zero chance to try and recover. Especially if he’s flanked by Elizabeth or a hero like that. I’d go with a rework on a mana gain. Very Slow won’t affect him in Rush wars/tourneys.
Pengi is just stupid with summoners and undead horde wars and hits waaaaay too hard. There should never be a scenario where a single hero can literally take out the entire team.
MN speed isn’t that bad. What’s really bad about MN is the revive percentage and that she’s a Cleric and her costume is a monk. That 35/30% chance to resist heroes like Hel and Lepiota is more like 45%+. I actually tracked two weeks worth of raids using Hel/Lepiota against Cleric/Monk classes and it came down to just over 44% for both over 2 weeks. It’s definitely it what the talent says it is. Also, having her resist Hel/Lepiota 6+ times in a row is just absurd.
Exeera needs to be reworked completely. The fact that they introduced a hero that is useless against 20% of the heros out there is just lazy and an insult that she’s a 5* and people wasted pulls on her.


Noor should be made faster.


Just putting a caveat that the new W3K minion dispelling and minion stealing heroes are very good vs Ludwig. I don’t bring a dedicated dispeller any more I try to build up as many Diaochan minions as I can and tile dump into Ludwig as I know that ultimately that will be helping my team out. But otherwise you are right he is difficult to recover from although there are plenty of dispellers out there and C Sabina is particularly good against him. I think his OPness is more from the attacking perspective rather than him being on defense

I just faced him in undead horde and made the mistake of letting him fire and that did wipe out my team. He is not the only one that can singlehandedly wipe out a team but the set of criteria reqiured for him to do so is looser than for other heroes.

Ludwig and Mother North mainly appears on defenses on rush battles so increasing his speed would expecially impact attacks;

Pengi becoming average:

All slow s1 heroes should be average now. Their special is joke compared to other newer heroes and their speed are average or fast. They already have less hp and defense stat. Adjust their speed will at least put them not far behind. With costume bonus they will be on par with newer heroes


Red Hood needs to be “Fast Mana”. And her hit should be at least 150%.

Edit: I believe her minions also needs to avoid all kind of mana related debuffs. There is not much mana reduction heroes out there.


Alfrike, Frigg, Odin, Ludwig all need to be extra super slow :smiley:

I’m modest. I’d only like Garjammal to be very fast.

I don’t face Ludwig much in wars and in common raids or tourneys Malosi or Kageburado keep him in check pretty good. Actually, I think no one particular hero’s speed or special is overwhelming. Trouble is, they usually have a few friends tagging along that are just as dangerous and that’s what’s making an attacker’s life hard.

Freaking Pengi needs to be nerfed into oblivion. Just eliminated my entire team in war as a tank. Absolutely ridiculous OP hero on defense if you have minions.


Gregorion and khiona should be fast too, they won’t be OP i think. Tellu fast and vela vf

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I came here to comment about that same hero lol! I don’t even have her but she definitely needs a buff. The new heroes for s4, Hulba has similar sized heroes that do way more than Noor and she’s average compared to Noor. Poor girl needs to at least be average.


She will never see a buff in our life time because she is a poor player’s Hulda. SG would not invest in a hero that would not bring $$$.

I was following a Noor’s “Hero Balance Discussion:Noor”. Every single possible buff requested for Noor showed up on 3KW hero’s.

Do not expect any changes to Noor. Only possible option that I see SG may come up with Noor costume. SG would make money and people who care about Noor would spend money to get her costume.

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lol, this reminds me of a GW2 quote wich went by “Revenant is the proof that developers reads Necromancer forum’s section”.

To be honest, I would say that the Slow S1 5* heroes should all be buffed to average speed.
That will keep them relevant and usable against all the new heroes that are head and shoulders ahead of them.
Just my two pennies worth


S1 heroes are the part of history just as 1980s cars and things like that. Some costumes make those s1 old-timers but that’s it from them 5 years later. Get over it guys

Of course I don’t expect her to be buffed. This forum simply asked which heroes should have their mama speed adjusted, to which I and others said Noor. Way too underpowered.

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@Kenji69666 …
But then you could say exactly the same thing to every post in this thread. There are numerous posts in the forum regarding Ludwig, Pengi, Noor, Mother North, Red Hood, Alfrike, Frigg etc etc etc
I don’t think there is anything “I need to get over”, the question was - what 5* heroes need their mana speed adjusted.
Personally I think - let all of the new “top” stuff alone and do something with the “old” stuff - some of which need it desperately. This game shouldn’t be a race to the bottom……
Just my two pennies worth


That sounds about right to me! :100:

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Yeah, but s1 don’t need to be speed up just to be top tier heroes. They are old and weaker. By that logic, any weaker hero should get a speed up to be better and any stronger speed down to make him more manageable