What 5* Heroes are good at 3/70?

Since almost everyone are short on ascension item, we are very picky on which 5* to max. So we tend to have a couple 5* heroes stuck at 3/70. So what 5* heroes you think is good and be useful at 3/70?

Basic heroes:

Red heroes - most of the red heroes are damage focused. You really need to fully level them to get their full power.

Blue heroes:

Magni - max him ASAP

Isarnia - the main point of her special is not attacking but lower the defence. If you level her up to 3/70, her special is likely to be at level 8 already, which is good enough to use. However, you can fully ascend Grimm to 4/70 to serve a similar purpose…

Richrad - in a similar boat with Isarnia that useful enough at 3/70. However, he should used as tank so it would be better to max him

Thorne - just bad…

Green Heroes:

Kadilen - her special is to increase defence for the special skill which is good enough at 3/70

Elkanene - Not really useful at 3/70 and I dont think he will be all that good at 4/80.

Horghall - Already OK at 3/70 but should be at 4/80 to use as Tank.

Lianna - max her ASAP

Yellow Heroes

Vivica - One of the best heroes to stay at 3/70 because her special is healing and defence up.

Joon - max him ASAP

Justice - should max it(?) to use as tank

Leonidas - not sure, not really useful at 3/70 and dont think he will be useful at 4/80…

Purple Heroes - Domitia, Obakan and Qunitus are not very good heroes, not really useful at 3/70. Sartana - max her ASAP

Since I am F2P so I don’t have most of the special heroes, cant really comment on them


Tanks & DPS without secondary effects: :no_entry_sign:
Healers & Heroes who empower/depower: :ok_hand:

I have found khagan a good help in wars at 3/70. Mana boost really helps pushing some of my snipers to get off attacks and clear board. He is part of my 3rd or fourth grouping. Holds up fine against teams I go up against which are 3300-3700 power on avg

Or a better way of putting the question … which 5* heroes at 3/70 can match or beat a maxed 4* hero? I’ve got some special ones to choose from, along with many of the standard set listed above…

  • Ares – Yes to 3/70 as soon as I get hidden blades. And 4/80 when I get rings
  • Gravemaker – Yes @ 4/80, but no at 3/70
  • Kadilen – Probably 3/70 someday
  • Elkanen – Probably not
  • Lianna – Dunno about 3/70, but worth it at 4/80 for sure
  • Tarlak – Yes to 3/70, and 4/80 when I get tonics.
  • Gregorion – Not sure 3/70 is all that useful.
  • Alasie – She was stuck at 3/70 a long time and she was good.
  • Thorne – Nope
  • Drake Fong – Currently @ 3/70; not sure if he is worth it 'till 4/80
  • Delilah – She was great at 3/70, much better at 4/80 now.
  • Justice – Not 3/70
  • Vivica – YES to 3/70
  • Khiona – Yes?? to 3/70, probably will take to 4/80 anyway.
  • Obakan – Taken to 3/70, for lack of other purple hitters, half-regret it. (If only his riposte included neighbors…)

Any thoughts on mine? And any interesting ones in your roster you are thinking about taking to 3/70 and letting them be stuck there?


I agree with your assessment. drake and Greg damage definitely lacking and longevity is definitely affected by lower defense levels even with good hp.

I am leveling ares and Viv. Have not touched Thorne nor do I plan to. What are thoughts on domitia at 3/70? I got khiona and am gonna spend my mats to ascend her instead. Thanks for the thoughts and help.

Domitia is already underwhelming at 4/80. At 3/70 I would rather bring a maxed 4* than her if I needed a dispeller. Caed, Mel, Sabina, Sonya, etc all work better and would have better stats.

Domitian might be worth taking to 3/70 for the same reason I did it with Obakan…

I really needed another purple hitting hero at the time.

The most common 4* purples (that is not event, S2, seasonal) include only one direct damage hero: Tiburtus. (Others are healers and Cyprian with only riposte)

I really needed another damage dealing purple hero in my lineup.


I hadn’t pulled any others yet, so I used Obakan; he is competent if not amazing and has way better stats than Balthazar. :rofl:

If you are desperate for a hero, Domitia isn’t THAT BAD that she’s useless, even if underwhelming.

Is there anywhere that grades or lists the 5*s that work great or horrendous at level 3/70??

I don’t think there is. But I think that if your hero special is dependent on one of its stats (like x% of attack), then ofcourse they will realize their full potential only when taken to 4.80. But, for healers/attack/defense/mana buffers/debuffers it doesn’t matter. The hero will still be useful at 3.70 if their specials are maxed. Only thing is that they might just die easily. :slight_smile:


Look at this thread:


Thanks for the answers. :wink: -)

Gonna put Onatel up for discussion here. Had her at 3^70 for months waiting on darts. As the only 5-star on my main team, I know she can survive well enough on the last stage of rare quests, Legendary challenge events, and even class quests if she has the supporting cast. Her mana control is great, especially if you don’t have Proteus (like I don’t). Her special is really about mana control, not damage, although it does deal some damage. So she seems like a candidate to be considered “good at 3/70”.

However, by taking her to 4^80, you’ve got yourself a pretty viable tank (815 def / 1437 HP). Taking all those tiles in the center position gets her special rolling, so she’ll likely be firing off pretty often until she dies. At max, you can also feed her emblems, unlocking the “Jinx” talent and potentially boosting her attack stat to “not completely unfortunate” levels. So, should she be considered “not at max usefulness until 4^80”?

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Any of the 5* elemental defense debuffers (panther, eve, Arthur, Frida)


Pure dmg 80, many skills or utility 70.

Squishies 80, tankies 70.

Slows 80, average 80, fast 80 :wink:

Since almost everyone is short on legends, you can’t be very picky whom to ascent. :upside_down_face:

Not gonna lie, this trend confuses me a bit … these are some of the most important heroes in the game for stacking, shouldn’t we want those heroes to be maxed? If they die out quickly in a raid, the rest of the build suffers, having a hero that can take advantage of excellent tile and special damage being around late just makes sense to me, not to mention its generally the only dispeller brought… I’ve personally always set these heroes as a priority to max, but more and more I’m seeing folks suggest otherwise.

The logic is that the elemental defense debuff is the main reason you bring those heroes to a battle, and the debuff doesn’t change between 3^70 and 4^80. Of course their damage output and longevity will be better at 4^80, but you can make that argument about every hero. Whether the extra longevity is worth spending limited mats depends largely on play style. For example, since I use a defensive strategy in most raids, I’ve prioritized healers, defense buffers, and attack debuffers for mats even though none of those get any better at max either.

Thanks, I get the idea behind it, just not so sure I agree with it, but as they say, more then one way to skin a cat (sorry cat). Just remember back when folks would say max panther before everything always… now its like… well… hel, Kage, maybe sart… maybe a healer… then panther maybe, and that seems wild to me, but I bring these heroes everywhere, so… like you mentioned, might just be my playstyle.

5* 2.60, 5* 3.70 and Mother North

The below discussion is focused on Mother North, but also links to a third post discussing 5* 2.60 and 5* 3.70 heroes.

My Roster 5* 3.70

Click for 3 Paladin HotM and a Classic 5* Monk
Hero reason
Perseus non dispellable -100% anti heal is awesome for Field Aid and healers
Joon high damage, glass cannon sniper with a powerful { Accuracy -40% } and long { 6 turns is rare among 5* heroes } enemy debuff.
Aegir Elemental link heal and Tile damage heal for fighting reflect damage enemies and completing Paladin quests // share damage and defense buff for enemy snipers // Stacks with Perseus.
Frida Elemental { blue } defense debuff // dispel target and nearby // non dispellable Elemental { green } defense buff cannot be overwritten by an Elemental defense debuff { Panther, Falcon, Evelyn, Frida, Jackal } // Stacks with Perseus


to keep the answer simple, it’ll be any sniper or a hero with a unique special unaffected by damage, such as elemental def down (frida/evelyn), healers, etc.

any 5* with less than 400% special dmg will probably end up weaker in dmg than a 4* at 70 due to differences in stats

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