What 5* Heroes are good at 3/70?


Since almost everyone are short on ascension item, we are very picky on which 5* to max. So we tend to have a couple 5* heroes stuck at 3/70. So what 5* heroes you think is good and be useful at 3/70?

Basic heroes:

Red heroes - most of the red heroes are damage focused. You really need to fully level them to get their full power.

Blue heroes:

Magni - max him ASAP

Isarnia - the main point of her special is not attacking but lower the defence. If you level her up to 3/70, her special is likely to be at level 8 already, which is good enough to use. However, you can fully ascend Grimm to 4/70 to serve a similar purpose…

Richrad - in a similar boat with Isarnia that useful enough at 3/70. However, he should used as tank so it would be better to max him

Thorne - just bad…

Green Heroes:

Kadilen - her special is to increase defence for the special skill which is good enough at 3/70

Elkanene - Not really useful at 3/70 and I dont think he will be all that good at 4/80.

Horghall - Already OK at 3/70 but should be at 4/80 to use as Tank.

Lianna - max her ASAP

Yellow Heroes

Vivica - One of the best heroes to stay at 3/70 because her special is healing and defence up.

Joon - max him ASAP

Justice - should max it(?) to use as tank

Leonidas - not sure, not really useful at 3/70 and dont think he will be useful at 4/80…

Purple Heroes - Domitia, Obakan and Qunitus are not very good heroes, not really useful at 3/70. Sartana - max her ASAP

Since I am F2P so I don’t have most of the special heroes, cant really comment on them


Tanks & DPS without secondary effects: :no_entry_sign:
Healers & Heroes who empower/depower: :ok_hand:


I have found khagan a good help in wars at 3/70. Mana boost really helps pushing some of my snipers to get off attacks and clear board. He is part of my 3rd or fourth grouping. Holds up fine against teams I go up against which are 3300-3700 power on avg


Or a better way of putting the question … which 5* heroes at 3/70 can match or beat a maxed 4* hero? I’ve got some special ones to choose from, along with many of the standard set listed above…

  • Ares – Yes to 3/70 as soon as I get hidden blades. And 4/80 when I get rings
  • Gravemaker – Yes @ 4/80, but no at 3/70
  • Kadilen – Probably 3/70 someday
  • Elkanen – Probably not
  • Lianna – Dunno about 3/70, but worth it at 4/80 for sure
  • Tarlak – Yes to 3/70, and 4/80 when I get tonics.
  • Gregorion – Not sure 3/70 is all that useful.
  • Alasie – She was stuck at 3/70 a long time and she was good.
  • Thorne – Nope
  • Drake Fong – Currently @ 3/70; not sure if he is worth it 'till 4/80
  • Delilah – She was great at 3/70, much better at 4/80 now.
  • Justice – Not 3/70
  • Vivica – YES to 3/70
  • Khiona – Yes?? to 3/70, probably will take to 4/80 anyway.
  • Obakan – Taken to 3/70, for lack of other purple hitters, half-regret it. (If only his riposte included neighbors…)

Any thoughts on mine? And any interesting ones in your roster you are thinking about taking to 3/70 and letting them be stuck there?


I agree with your assessment. drake and Greg damage definitely lacking and longevity is definitely affected by lower defense levels even with good hp.


I am leveling ares and Viv. Have not touched Thorne nor do I plan to. What are thoughts on domitia at 3/70? I got khiona and am gonna spend my mats to ascend her instead. Thanks for the thoughts and help.


Domitia is already underwhelming at 4/80. At 3/70 I would rather bring a maxed 4* than her if I needed a dispeller. Caed, Mel, Sabina, Sonya, etc all work better and would have better stats.


Domitian might be worth taking to 3/70 for the same reason I did it with Obakan…

I really needed another purple hitting hero at the time.

The most common 4* purples (that is not event, S2, seasonal) include only one direct damage hero: Tiburtus. (Others are healers and Cyprian with only riposte)

I really needed another damage dealing purple hero in my lineup.


I hadn’t pulled any others yet, so I used Obakan; he is competent if not amazing and has way better stats than Balthazar. :rofl:

If you are desperate for a hero, Domitia isn’t THAT BAD that she’s useless, even if underwhelming.