What 4* to level

I have a few 4* heroes that are unlevelled and would like some advice on who to level.

My unlevelled heroes are: Kashhrek, Caedmon, Tiburtus, Cyprian. Danzaburo, Li Xiu,Gobbler, Skittle, Gormek.

And is Muggy worth it?

And what heroes that already leveled?
Muggy is worth for *3 Challange Event, has very high attack stats.

@jinbatsu is right. We can’t give very good advice without knowing your other heroes and your in-game priorities. That said, the correct answer is “not Gobbler”! LOL

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The ones that are levelled are Grimm,Little John and Wilbur and Wu. Santana is at 3/60, so is Hu Tao.

My defence team now is: Sartana, Bane, Little Joh, Grimm and Wilbur. I am struggling to get through season one, am at 22 atm. Season 2 Iam at 14 and am struggling with that too. Use to be able to get things done with bombs but am struggling to get Midnight Roots.

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Li Xiu - Caedmon - Tiburtus

Your yellow for defense is only Bane, Wu Kong is average for defense but Li Xiu is great for defense.

You lack dispeller which can be filled by Caedmon. A fast green sniper is nice addition.

Sartana can have good combo with Tiburtus when you attack opponent with yellow tank.

You can also add Gormek to replace Wilbur in defense.

If you want to complete season 1, use Wilbur, Wu Kong, and a 4* healer or two 3* healers, fill the rest with yellow heroes. For comparison, I complete season 1 with 3/60 Hu Tao, 3/60 Sabina, Bane, Gan Ju, and Kailani (the last 3 are merely 3*). Synchronization and +63% defense from Wilbur/Kailani is the key.

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In my honest opinion, for your defence team, I would level Li Xiu to replace Bane, level Kashhrek to replace Little John and level Gormek to replace Wilbur


I mostly agree with @yelnats_24 on Li Xiu, Caedmon, Tiburtus, and Gormek, but let me bring some other ideas into that mix.

  • Wilbur is great on offense (or so I’ve been told, since I don’t have him), but Gormek and his unholy amount of HP is better on defense with a similar special effect. Not much to quibble over this recommendation.
  • With Wilbur, Gormek, and Grimm, you have three excellent def down options. Now, I like Tiburtus quite a lot, and his ranger class is rare among classic 4-stars, so I’d completely understand leveling him. However, I have read a lot of people’s comments who say they used Cyprian’s riposte special to great effect on the last provinces of season 1, and some all the way through season 2. I got both he and Boril too late to verify that, but with the number of mini-bosses with hard-hitting specials (that can be turned against them by riposte) in those later provinces of season 1, I can see where it would have potential. You already have a great purple hitter in Sartana, so this gives your roster a little something that it doesn’t have right now.
  • Having almost finished Caedmon, I can tell you he is quite good, and dispelling is always a good thing. However, I notice a conspicuous lack of healers among the heroes you have listed so far, except Kashrek. Now, I still don’t have Kashrek, but he is a super annoying tank in raids because of his ridiculous heal and defense against his weak color. I know he hits like a wet noodle, but he can help keep your heroes alive and serve as your defense tank for a long time to come. I’m thinking Kashrek at tank, flanked by Gormek and Cyprian, could be a pretty nice defense setup. If you go with Cyprian for purple, you really need a healer to help him recover after he ripostes.
  • Now, if you go Kashrek for green, your need for a top-notch tank is filled, and Li Xiu is less necessary on defense. She’s still a fine hero, and a good choice for more than just tanking. Just throwing out that, if Wu hasn’t ruined you on putting even more randomness in your game, Danza is a sometimes underrated choice. I’ve expounded on his use in a few different places, but perhaps most completely here. Frustrating when he freezes, but devastating when he doesn’t. Again, Li Xiu is a perfectly safe choice here. Just food for thought.
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I can confirm that, I use Cyprian + Boril, both merely at 3/60 to complete untill 27-9 Hard on Atlantis. Only fail at Hard Ursena, but I guess it will be enough to fight her if they are at 4/70.


Thank you all for the wisdom and advice. I am so glad there are helpful people here on the forum.

sending virtual hugs

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You guys are making Danza angry with your lack of votes for him:

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That’s what he got after 3 snowflakes in a single war attack.


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