What 3 stars to keep for event?

just wonder what 3 stars to keep and also, should i save my 2* troops for the event as well?


It depends how much you care about the rare tier of events.

  1. You don’t care at all: Don’t level any 3* unless you have no 4 or 5* of that color, and feed all your 3* s once you have a bench of 30 4/5s for wars. Feed all 2 troops.

  2. You want to complete the tier: Keep 2 3* s of every color so you can get through any event regardless of the reflective color. I’d recommend Hawkmoon, Belith, and Brienne. You should be able to complete rare with any set of 3* heroes so long as you double the strong color and bring one or both healers. Keep 2 2* troops of each color, but don’t level them at all.

  3. You want to place well: Keep 3-4 heroes of each color. I have 2x Balthazar, Tyrum, Oberon, 3x Bane, Kailani, Ulmer, Valen, Karil, Gunnar, Brienne, Belith, Berden, Ishhtak, Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Nashgar, and Squire Wabbit. I also keep 3 copies of the offense heavy 2* troop for each color, one each at level 15, 4, 1. The troops aren’t necessary by any means, but can give you a slight edge over other players.