What 3*’s should I not bother keeping

I have 3 extra Valens, one extra Graymane and an extra hawkmoon ? Do I need to keep them, and how about Brienne is she worth keeping? Any other advice about how & who to level up would be helpful and how many level 2’s should I keep


If you have any interest in the upcoming raid challenges it will be useful to hold onto some 3* depth. Having a variety of 3* heroes will be useful, but I don’t see much value for extra duplicates. Also no need for 2*s at all.


Brienne is one of the best 3*, definitely keep her. Valen and Hawkmoon are both good but Graymane is not.

*2 heroes is not needed unless your squad do not have 30 heroes for alliance war or your squad lack heroes for class trials.

*3 heroes will be replaced by *4 in alliance wars but they still being needed in challenge events. I suggest keeping at least 5 of each color. Focus on fast hero or healer or those with high attack stat. Also keep one of each spirit linkers (while they don’t do good on rare challenge event, they can be helpful when facing strong bosses if your team is underpowered).


One caveat: I recommend keeping any 2* heroes you already leveled up until you have 30+ other heroes that are better for War.

Depending on how much you Summon, that might be pretty immediate, since unleveled 4 and 5* heroes can be better than a leveled 2*.

But if you’re spending little or no money on the game like I did when I started out, you’re likely to make use of your leveled 2* heroes for several months.


Brienne is definitely worth keeping. She’s a fast mana builder and if tucked away in corner constantly refreshes helathnfor team. She can b annoying to go against.


I leveled Graymane and have discovered that he kinda sorta sucks.

I started to level Oberon… yeah, totally not worth it. Jahangir is likely in that same grouping, too. I started leveling both of them and just kinda… am not terribly pleased with either.


All graymanes are food. Brienne is a top green 3*. Does not hurt to have 2 Hawks. 1 Valen is enough unless you are hurting for 3* than keep 2.

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I noticed in some challenges I was limited to the ones I could use. Is 3 star the minimum for these challenges? Will I not neede some 2* as well

As others have mentioned, it depends on your team depth for wars. Once you have those 30 I would keep one of anything just because, unless you absolutely cannot afford the Hero cap space. Brienne is underrated for blue titans if you can keep her alive. Others that are worth having extras of, in my opinion: Healers (Hawk & Belith), Bane, snipers like Balthazar, and mana cutters for some Challenge Events (Azar, Gan Ju, Carver?) and wars when you want to cleanup a partial team without using your higher level heroes.

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I was not to sure about leveling up Oberon but I did level up Jahenir. Your right about him not great at times same as Graymane he does ok and is good since he is the only blue I have. Do you think Valen is better.

100% absolutely. Valen is the best Season 1 3* ice hero out there


What above trainers ? Should they all be used for leveling up hero’s. Also I keep reading in posts that you can mark your hero’s as favorites, but I do not see that option on my iPad.

Trainers are food. Save up 10 of the same color 1* heroes, trainers, and extra unneeded 2* heroes to feed to the same color hero you want to level.

You should be able to go to your hero roster and click on a hero. Top left will be a magnifying glass and a lock symbol.

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Graymane was my first blue 3* and was thus leveled. Then he sat on the bench, sliding closer and closer to the abyss, for months. I thought he’d never be used again.

Now he’s my best sorcerer and will be used twice every five weeks until the RNG deems otherwise.

As long as you have roster space, it can’t hurt to hang onto a few extras, because you never know…


3* You’ll probably never use:

  • Dawa
  • Renfeld
  • Prisca
  • Greymane
  • Vlad

Others that aren’t great, but may have uses in the future WRC:

  • Jahangir
  • Oberon
  • Friar Tuck
  • Carver
  • Arman

Others that aren’t amazing, but I’d keep if you’re lacking enough heroes in that specific color:

  • Isshtak
  • Karil

For sure keep:

  • Nashgar

  • Hawkmoon

  • Azar

  • Rudolph

  • Namahage

  • Squire Wabbit

  • Valen

  • Gato

  • Ulmer

  • Gunnar

  • Belith

  • Brienne

  • Berden

  • Mnesseus

  • Hisan

  • Bane

  • Gan Ju

  • Melia

  • Kailani

  • Balthazar

  • Tyrum

  • Chochin

  • Gill-Ra

If you’re lacking enough heroes for war, keep them all. & If you’ve already leveled any of these, I’d keep them just in case for the Weekly Raid Challenges. However, if you don’t need the heroes and haven’t leveled any of the worse one’s, I’d say it’s safe to eat your Greymanes. Any unleveled dupes I’d probably eat unless you’re looking to eventually compete in beginner, otherwise, they can be food as well. If you do decide to keep dupes, keep only the amazing ones.


It is not minimum but maximum. In monthly challenge events, there are three tier (rare, epic, legendary).

You can use 1* to 3* heroes for rare challenge (maximum 3*), 1* to 4* for epic challenge (maximum 4*), and 1* to 5* for legendary challenge (all in).

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These hero’s do well for me…


I would say, keep them all. Rumors are that you will need them in the near future. Had the rumor from a beta tester. I think it was for upcoming Raid quests.

AKA Traggeter


Thanks for all the great tips I found them very helpful. Going to use extra grayman and any that I already have leveled up I am going to keep. Getting rid of any that I have more than two of and using all 2* bc I can use my 3* in challenge events. And use all trainers for leveling up hero’s.

Awesome summary Randa!

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