What 2* and 3* heroes have you saved, if any?

Everyone’s playstyle is different.
If it makes a difference to you, they are always on right wing, and I charge them as fast as possible

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Don’t know why people dis Pixie. She has a massive health stat and a decent special.


Lyla. :heart:
My favorite 2*.

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3* Raid Tournies are my favorite and Layla comes out and plays during ToL


Yeah, Pixie is excellent, definitely one of the best 3*s out there.

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2* no.
1 keep one from every 3* and i have a few duplicates:
Grevle (extremely useful at ninja tower)
Nordri (event team hall of famer)


BTW, just got my 2nd Grevle :grin:

Congrats @DragonSnake! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I kept a team of emblemed 2* just in case the tourneys ever return :smiley:

I love Pixie. She was instrumental in getting me past the final season 1 level.

To answer the OP I have (or am still working towards) one of each of most of the three star heroes. I don’t have any duplicates at the moment, but would probably do some duplicate healers for Ninja Tower and Tavern of Legends. Grevle in particular is fantastic.

I don’t have any two star heroes now, although I did keep my maxed 2* holy healing panda Sha Ji for a very long time. I only fed him away when I got Lady Woolerton. This was also largely because Hawkmoon eluded me for a very long time (she was that one 3* hero that I just couldn’t manage to pull). So even with a lot of more powerful heroes on my bench I was still using him in events where Belith wasn’t allowed.


No 2*…and 3*s nordri and bjorn…moaar nordri and bjorn

I love his special. Nordri I have had for a while but have never given him a run.

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