What 2* and 3* heroes have you saved, if any?

What 2* and 3* heroes have you saved, if any? For what reasons?

I keep zero 2 stars. I generally keep one of each three star.
Forum poll on top 3 stars.


I used to save Layla. I think at skill grade 20, she’s about as powerful as a max level 3*. I recommend her for new players. I used her for a very long time in the Trial of Shadows, too.

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I keep 0 2⭐️ and a single copy of all Season 1 3⭐️. I keep a single duplicate of Season 2, Season 3, and Event 3⭐️ Heroes that fit my play style or strategy for an event in the game.

I don’t save food.

For 3s, I keep at least one of any non S1 hero. I don’t keep all S1s, even if I have the costume. Depends on if they’re good or not.

Only duplicate 3s I have are Namahage, Bane, and Melia. The last 2 because there’s so few good 3 yellows (don’t have Pixie; do have Kvasir and Agnes), but they’re likely to get eaten by my next 5.

2* heroes? None.

3* heroes? At least one of each.
Because, there are still plenty of 3* only events and tournaments and such.

But TGW! Whatever will you do if they ever bring back 2 star raid tournaments?

Um… not participate in them, obviously. :wink:

almost all 3*.
prisca, frair, s3 green one and vlad are the least useful for me.
kept vlad because he was rare and incase the impossible happens and sg buff him.
prisca and frair i never use

renfeld got out of that list after his amazing costume and oberon will too

Two stars - none, they’re useless pretty quickly.

Three stars - enough to make a team of 5 for each color, with an extra here and there if I’ve got a bunch of good ones.

2* I have only kept a maxxed Layla since she was my first
3*, I keep one of all I get, since they do come in handy for challenges, ToL, etc
I level them as needed.
I have no dupe 3*'s, but if I get another Grevle, I will certainly max him


Kvasir and his minions are brilliant.

On topic I think I have about 48 x 3 stars. I love the 3 star tourneys.

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2* Maxxed Layla. Because she was my first max emblems, and is probably the most loved 2 in the game.

Vote for Layla! Click here

3s: Aim is keep one maxed copy of all including costumes. Got around 46 or so unique maxed heroes and about 4-5 left to complete. The 3s I don’t have are Pixie and Bauchan.

I have a few random extra unlevelled event or S3 heroes that I haven’t decided to keep or feed. I’ve kept an extra Frosty because he’s the only 3s blue healer.

Some I just like to randomly play around with. Like I did with Rudolph. I’ve pulled so many of him I decided to make a full 5-member sleigh team … just because I can. So I have 3 maxed Rudolphs and 2 waiting for whenever I want a break from levelling 4s and 5s. Fed away the rest, some to Rudolph himself :laughing: (Better to laugh at the game than lament on the lack of pulling anything over 3 lately!!)

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I save and max every unique 3* I get for collection.

I have sacrificed all 2* heroes as they do not have any use except for sacrifice.


@DragonSnake May I ask where you would use a second Grevle? I have two Grevle, one maxed.

Agnes us food, but Kvasir is worth emblems. Even without, he’s decent, because of his minions. Its It’s the only dupe 3* I’ve kept. One copy has 20 nodes, the other two are just @50.
Trust me Kvasir is good for events
Don’t use Kvasir vs Kvasir, as whoever’s skill goes off first, stops the other creating their Minions.

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I keep one of every 3* (even Vlad!) for collection purposes.

I participate in 3* tournaments and 3* tier of challenge events, and use 3* in the lowest levels of Tavern of Legends and in Ninja Tower.

I have also kept a couple of duplicate 3*s:

  • Pixie, having 2 of her makes double/triple bosses much easier!
  • Tyrum with costume, allowing a fast cleanse and a fast dispel on the same team (Gill-Ra also cleanses but is sloooow).

I also have 2x each of Belith, Hawkmoon with costume, Friar Tuck with costume and Kvasir for Taven of Legends and Ninja Tower, but I am thinking twice now… I have enough 4s that I only use 3s in the very lowest levels…

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No 2* but i keep every 3* and double them if they are special/rare or with costume. In some cases i even keep three same heroes, for challenges (i saw them namahage and karil teams :grimacing:)

So i would say i have a huge roster but with duplicates

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Most influenced *3 hero so far is Kvasir, damn he is good. His minions are very good. Must say Friar Tuck with mask ( *3 classic green ) is also promising, at max give 22 % heal and 24 % mana

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Specifically for Tavern of Legends and Ninja Tower.
I have Grevle maxxed +20, and Gullinbursti maxxed +12.
Both have proven themselves invaluable to me :slight_smile:

I have many 3☆ to use in events and tournaments. Now im working on Frosty, rudolph, agnes and sudri .

Frosty specially for tournaments, ag
nes for events and as a backup yellow in tournaments becuase she has high tile damage.

Rudolph mainly for tournaments as well as Sudri for VF ones

@DragonSnake Thanks for answering my question. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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