What? 130985 damage


How it can be? Maybe it is cheat code or bug usingUploading… ?



I want to see your team so badly right now.


I want to see too. It is not my screens.


This is by no means a cheat. This is the effect of Athena vs a fire titan with a very good board, quite simply. Possibly with the addition of wu kong. I have her at max ascension 2, and I’ll regularly hit for roughly 70k on average. That’s with normal boards. If I had a better draw, 130k is by all means possible, even likely.


There is a thread on these boards for “Biggest Titan Hit”. You might want to record your achievement there (I’d suggest just one picture). Congrats!


Wow i do not think i will ever get that good congrats on the hits


It’s not possible to cheat in the game. As TempestBlitz mentioned, most likely some good strategic decisions, a handful of good luck and strong team!


Lol the angel is a one man team she along can take out a whole team if i see her in a team i will skip that fight lol


@Arien no need to be salty. :joy::joy:


If that’s true they will nerf her. (If it’s not true, they will nerf her if enough people cry.)

Either way, it’s not gonna last. :roll_eyes: