Whar to do now?

Hi all, I am attaching my heroes and items. I am a F2P player and need some help about what to do now. I can start leveling some of my 5* heroes or wait trying to get new ones in atlantis and christmas events. What do you will do?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

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I’m assuming you have some un-/partially leveled 4* heroes you didn’t post? You are light on healers—Rigard and Boldtusk are great, but in Alliance wars you one (or two!) per team, and even on titans it’s nice to bring a healer of the strong color.

Isarnia is worthy of scopes, once you get three more. I would hold off on leveling Khagan or any of your green 5*s, though. With Lianna and Kadilen you’re in a good position there. Azlar would like company, but I just don’t find Khagan to be impactful. Zimkitha, Mitsuko or Santa Claus would be very nice if you happen to get any or all of those.

There’s a good purple attacker coming soon in Season 2, and January’s HotM is a very solid purple healer. I would vote for either of those above Quintus for your near-complete tabard set.

2 Rigards, Kiril and Boldtusk. Not bad, I’d say. We don’t have 4* yellow healer as far as I remember. Only Melendor is missed. Well, Sabina too, but with two Rigards maxed she is optional.

So, I’d wait for other 5* if they come and collect ascension materials (Warm capes and Scopes in particular).Isarnia is nice to have maxed.

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These are my other 4* heroes, so maybe I must wait. Thanks for the quick response

I couldn’t tell if the Rigard on Team 2 and on Team 5 are different or the same. But you’re right, if four healers, there’s a less urgent need there, though I still like to have six, one for each AW team.

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Rigards are different. I got kashhrek and another boldtusk leveling, so I will wait for new 5*.

Thanks again

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I would love to level up Melendor and Sabina … their tile damages are great and they are debuffers. Those as healers are cool.
Liana and Kad are best greens you got. But you don’t have shields or tonics.
You don’t have any good reds so just wait … Khagan not worth it.
You fon’t have good purple too so wait till you get better one.

I doubt you need Kashhrek. He is a great defense 4* tank, but you have enough 5* for your defense. As an attack team healer Kashhrek is worse than Melendor. So I’d ascend Melendor first.

Interesting that you have two fully ascended Li Xiu but not Chao. For offense team Chao is better than Li Xui to my mind.

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Then I must level Boldstuck, Melendor and maybe Chao ( i got him last month) while I wait for better heroes.

Thanks all

That is a very impressive lineup for being F2P!! Congrats. Have you been playing since day the game was released??

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Thanks Yikers. I changed my phone and I dont know how to check it. I think I was playing it over a year. If anyone can tell me how can i check it …

You can go to “Options” in the game and at the bottom left there will be a small button for achievements. The very first achievement in the game is “Complete Tutorial”. Check its date.


Long time ago

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Level Isarnia and Liana immediately.

To do this immediately Topic starter needs shields and tonics, capes and scopes. Neither is at immediate disposal. It will obviously take a while to collect them.
Also, there is already one maxed Lianna in a roster.

oh my God. how long have you been playing this game :scream::scream::scream::scream:

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