Whale style cup droping, or what?

I got nothing against cup dropers, I just hate it when they lack the decency of bringing a full 5 hero line to the battlefield. Hey, we need to fill our chests, flags are hard to come by… what’s wrong with you? That’s anti - play! What if we all decide using single hero defense lines? 40 flags to fill a chest?! How does that sound?!

This here might be some kind of might testing sooner than intentional cup droping, but the result is still the same…


There is a very simple solution to that which I constantly apply. Reroll. That way you will get your 5 hero team on the next roll and also you will teach such cup droppers that they won’t get any attacks on their defense team unless they fill it up to 5 and decrease the power level of the team altogether.


Yes, I’d normaly ignore and re-roll too, but it was a revenge hit. Can’t pass on those, no way!


Which of the four spots of the formation did they occupy? Not very related to the topic but I’m curious.

On topic, yeah less than five heroes is an automatic reroll. It could be an attempt to keep cups knowing people won’t attack you. Could also be to play around with friendly battles.


It might be with the intent of holding rank, actually. Maybe they get fought less with 4 than they do with 5 because people skip them.


At that level of play, unlikely

Skipping 1-4 hero defenses usually happens

In Bronze/ Silver

While Watchtower is Lv1- 8


In fact, there are lots of reasons for this but my #1 thought was

Friendly matches

Many people asked for separate teams for friendly matches, and trophy matches, but Devs decided your friendly matches will be again your live defense

So many weird defense teams are players set up for friendly matches

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A failed atempt then. He’s down to 2500 cups…

I think it was 1,2,3,4 starting from the left, but I’m not 100% sure.

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I would just wait until I need 4 or less heroes to fill my chest. The only snag is by that time, he may have scrolled out of my watchtower.

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G What do i have to do

Hmmm… why would anyone ask for a friendly match against a less than full strength team?

That defense is too good for cup dropping.

Asking for help deciding on the last slot, or slots

Testing synergies between 1x to 4x heroes

Demonstration Ninja mana speed

Experimenting with Ninja mana speed with 2x to 4x Ninjas

Testing anti Ninja attackers

Comparing Gravemaker ( Tavern of Legends so effectively sunsetted ) to Ninjas ( Ninja summons still available )


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