We've never missed a titan!

Disreputable Scoundrels is a newly created alliance currently with 5 members, but looking to grow.

Right now all members are over level 40 and have come from alliances in the top 200 where we fought 12* titans. Since we are newly created - we are only on 2* though, so don’t expect rewards to come flowing in right away.

We value honesty and like to be chatty about whatever. Requirements are that all war flags are used. Right now there isn’t a titan flag requirements, since we are only fighting the babies.

Join up now and be on the ground floor of this soon to be great. See you soon, look forward to chatting!

@Marcos165… I wonder if you should ask a mod to close your thread?

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I understand the OP has joined another alliance. And when I search said alliance, I cannot find it. As such, I am closing this thread.

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