Weren't Atlantis Coins supposed to be replaced with Valhalla Coins in v28? -- [Solution 3 & 5, + Staff Response Post #16]

So, I’m on v28 (build 1247 on Android) and this is my first chest that should have given Valhalla Coins instead of Atlantis Coins. Did I misread the announcement?


Would be better to change after Valhalla ends. I’ve collected nearly 600 Atlantis coins to get the Fishking, when Gravey will be featured. I know Dawa has a higher probability to pop out, but hope dies last.

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Maybe they’ll enable it once iOS is released as well (or rather once v27 is disabled), to keep it fair for everyone. :slight_smile:


As usual the update only became active after released for everyone (a small patch})…

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What @Aquaginera_7DD said.

Most changes that affect the ENTIRE server (loot ones and new content etx…) aren’t activated until:

  1. Full rollout has been done across all platforms in all countries
  2. Previous version is turned off (i.e. you’re forced to update when you login).

This change is indicated by the “maintenance break” message in game.


It’s just their usual inconsistency I guess :roll_eyes: For example costume keys were dropping right after you updated your client.

An understatement?? I read this like i wa a time traveller/whatever; but before posting, I checked and this has not yet happened in “my” reality? So, which reality should i be concerned with?

As a fellow time traveller your problem is that you’ve allowed your second time dimension b to drift and now you’re floating around confused between whichever many worlds/timelines you currently are in.

Reset b to your home timeline to get back to it and in future only use a to travel back and forth within that specific time line.

Once you have returned to your appropriate line please inform your local time authority of your accident so they can deploy retrocausality scrubbers to remove these message from time.



I’ve done a couple of wanted missions since getting v28 and am still getting Atlantis coins in the wanted mission chests. Per the release notes that shouldn’t be happening anymore.

The v28 release notes state:

  • Valhalla coins are now obtainable from wanted missions and Rare Titan Battles.
  • Atlantis coins are now only available from Season II stages and Unique Enemies during Atlantis Rises.

As far as I know Atlantis coins could also be obtained from War Chests. Some people also say Atlantis coins could be granted by mystic visions. What about those sources now in v28?

War chest is a wanted mission (in essence).

Not sure about the mystic Vision BUT the second dot point clearly says that Atlantis Coins are ONLY available from S2 stages/ special mobs… Indicates that any other place that used to hand out Atlantis Coins will now hand out Valhalla Coins.


I think the Atlantis sentence needs fixing or clarification. One can read this sentence multiple ways:

Atlantis coins are now only available from Season II stages and Unique Enemies during Atlantis Rises.

  1. As only available from either:
    Season 2 stages
    Unique Enemies during Atlantis Rises

  2. As only available from either:
    Season 2 stages during Atlantis Rises
    Unique Enemies during Atlantis Rises

What part(s) the “during Atlantis Rises” phrase is slightly unclear. I’d expect the first, but could see someone thinking the second.

I’d rewrite the notes for clarity if the first meaning is intended as follows:

Atlantis coins are now only available from Unique Enemies during Atlantis Rises and Season II stages.

If the second meaning:

Atlantis coins are now only available during Atlantis Rises from Season II stages and Unique Enemies.

I have v28 and the tournament loot examples still show Atlantis coins. Moreover, Atlantis coins tip says that they can be received as a reward from wanted missions and rare titan.

I am not sure about the “AC in MV”-part myself. In this post (Mystic Vision - random or?) there are no Atlantis Coins at all. So I guess this is just misinformation.

I got some Atlantis coins as a reward from an elemental chest.

Indeed, this change will activate once we have forced the update (this is when we send the mainantence break in-game message).


@Petri could you confirm that all Atlantis coins in game rewards (also tournaments, mystic vision) except season 2 loot will be replaced by Valhalla coins?

I did the update and in my wanted chest got Atlantis instead of Valhalla coins

Is this a bug?


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There ya go…


Good thing I know how to use the search tool. I already had my screenshots ready to go after I collected Atlantis coins from my monster chest just now.


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