We're yo use 10 pull summon

If I am going to use a 10 pull, where should I use it? Atlantis, underworld, etc…

I change your topic category to Gameplay Help & Tactics

About your question, if you don’t have Tarlak/Miki/Gazelle I would recomend you to wait for new event “Magic tower” because there is 4* version of Tarlak + G.Panther in one.

If you have one of mentioned heroes Underwild is probably best place to pull but I would recomend you to wait month or two because some interesting 5* are coming.


Wait for the tower of magic. All 4* are crazy good and overcome any hero released as of yet

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Personally im waiting to the tower been saving for it… Prob get f’all :joy::+1:


The magic tower super creeps will unquestionably saturate.
Another big haul to lower the paywall down closer to new players, and continue crippling long term profit margins
before the bugs run rampant

Thanks. Still new to the forum. Tbsnks for the info as well

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